Dessert Trend: Cotton Candy

Tuesday, September 10

Cotton candy is the hottest addition to the wedding dessert trends and you can truly add it to anything. From cocktail garnishes to cake toppers, s’mores to bouquets, cotton candy brings out the kid in all of us and is sure to put a permanent smile on everyone’s faces.

As Miss Martha Stewart suggests, “Bring out the kid in your guests with a confectionary classic. To take cotton candy from state fair to wedding-worthy, have your caterer match the frothy spun sugar to your palette by adding food-coloring powder to granulated sugar.”

To bring this trend to life at your own event, we recommend contacting the sugar lovers over at Fluff Pop, a gourmet cotton candy company that specializes in high-end events. Take a peek at these inspiration photos on how to best use this sweet treat at your next party. Enjoy …. and make sure to floss!

Cotton Candy 7Cotton Candy 11Cotton Candy 10COtton Candy 8Cotton Candy 15Cotton Candy 2Cotton Candy 14Cotton Candy 13Cotton Candy 5Pink Cotton Candy Wedding CakeCotton Candy 3Cotton Candy 16

Photos: Art of the Occasion, Martha Stewart, Corbis, Southern Living, Pinterest, Mocha-cafe, fYeahweddings, Fluffpop, tribuna

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