Calluna Tips

Top 8 honeymoons for 2018

Saturday, January 6

Where should we take our honeymoon is a question that’s on our couples minds and occupies a similar passion as planning their wedding.  We are thrilled to announce that with our partnership with Emily Lockard-Furry of Traveluxe Official we now have you covered! Emily will take the individual needs of Calluna couples into consideration, and touch on all the details to ensure they have the best honeymoon possible!

Every couple at Traveluxe Official is a VIP and receives the best rooms, best views and best service! Clients receive complimentary upgrades based on availability as well as other amenities.

Working with Traveluxe Official we’ve compiled our list of the Top 8 Honeymoon Destinations for 2018!


Carribean Area 

South America
Indian Ocean
South Pacific Ocean
North America