Coffee With Calluna

Coffee With Calluna : Bridal Hair & Makeup

Friday, April 6

It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks of the industry. Each week we’ll answer questions from YOU! Send us your questions to or send us a message on instagram at @callunaevents!

Xo, Calluna

What are some good questions to ask my makeup artist before booking her?

First and foremost, make sure your prospective makeup artist is available on your wedding date. It is also important to make sure you are on the same page about whether they will travel to you, or if you need to go to them for the services.

Ask to see a portfolio of their work, this will help you grasp whether or not your styles will mesh well together.

Ask if they can do a trial run (or a few), this way, you can ensure you like your look, and your makeup artist can make any necessary adjustments to provide you with exactly what you envisioned for the big day. This also allows you to see how the product wears throughout the day and night.

Your bridal party may also want their makeup done, so it is important to make sure your makeup artist is available to accommodate them as well.

Finally, ask about pricing and an official contract!

What is the etiquette around bridesmaids hair + makeup (who pays?) 

Unfortunately, who is expected to pay for these services isn’t always black and white. Keep in mind that bridesmaids typically pay for their dress, the bachelorette party, and travel, so covering the cost for your bridesmaids to be primped on your wedding day can be a great way to express your gratitude. If you don’t want to pay for these services, it may be best to make them optional. No matter what you decide, it is important to be transparent about what services your bridesmaids will be expected to pay for.

What should I bring to my hair trial? (veil, photos, accessories etc.) 

In order to help your stylist gain a better understanding of the style of your wedding, you can bring in photos of anything from your dress to your venue and decorations. If you already have photos of hairstyles you envision, bring those as well! Once your hairstylist has a better grasp of your overall vision, you will be able to work together to decide on your perfect look.

It’s also important to bring your veil or any other accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day. You want to ensure these pieces fit in well with the look you’re trying to achieve.