2016 Calluna Events Recap!

Another year has passed as we sit down to reflect on all the incredible moments we’ve witnessed and accomplishments we have from 2016. As always we are grateful for the work we are able to do each and every day for our clients and with the incredibly talented wedding and event community in Colorado.

2016 marked our 13th year in business and we are humbled and ever so grateful that we continue to be a part of the wonderful world of events. At the start of this new year we are excited for the couples whose weddings we are planning for 2017 and for all the newly engaged couples who have been reaching out! We are continually inspired, challenged, and motivated to do incredible things and be the best we can be!

2016 was a wonderful year for Calluna Events and we are honored to share our incredible highlights with you!

Our Work:

The Applause: 

Calluna Events in the wedding world:

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