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From the bride…

So the idea for our wedding décor stemmed back to last summer when Nick and I were taking a trip to Italy & Turkey. We were already engaged, but wedding planning hadn’t really started yet. In the Rome airport, while Nick was sleeping, I of course was duty-free shopping, and came across a gorgeous teal tie in the Ferragamo store with little squirrels and leaves and flowers on it…. Instantly I fell in love, ran back to wake Nick up, and told him that I found the tie I wanted him to wear at our wedding. He was groggy and not in a place to make wedding decisions, but we purchased it anyway, because it was just perfect. This really started our theme. I was immediately drawn to different shades of green and white, and started envisioning a gorgeous enchanted forest decor for the wedding. When we met Heather Dwight, of Calluna Events, she really helped us hone in our vision of “enchanted forest” and put us in touch with the most amazing florist Kitzel Ruth, of The Perfect Petal, in Denver. Upon our first meeting we were all giddy with excitement at the notion of dripping moss, ferns, succulents, air plants, different shades and textures of green, with pops of purples, golds, and creams. I wanted every single table, bouquet, and boutonniere to be different. I could not have asked for two more creative women to take on this dream and bring it to life. At the table mock up, I think I might have shed a tear… it was so much better than I could have ever envisioned.

Nick is a musician, and music is an integral part of our lives, so when picking a local Boulder, CO venue, we were very aware of music curfews and restrictions at almost every outdoor venue. Then, I literally stumbled upon the gorgeous Boulder Country Club, with its huge rooms, large windows, and gorgeous wrap around deck, and instantly knew this was the place for us. It has a panoramic view of the mountains, and provided a wonderful indoor/outdoor area for our guests to enjoy the gorgeous June weather in Colorado. Best of all, no music restrictions or curfew, so we were able to have a loud rockin’ band play our reception and everyone could dance the night away!

We had acoustic bluegrass music playing throughout the ceremony; a swing band playing our cocktail hour; and we also had 2 songs performed at the ceremony by close friends. There was so much incredible music surrounding us on our wedding day, and every guest commented on how special it was. We are blessed with so many talented people in our lives, and every musician who performed at our wedding was a personal friend to us.

Another important detail for Nick and I was including our ‘dog family’ in the wedding ceremony. We have 4 dogs, and we really wanted them to be a part of the festivities, as anyone who knows us, knows that our pups are our life! B.C.C was incredibly dog friendly, and having the dogs walk down the aisle was a really personal touch. We also took all of our pictures before the wedding ceremony, at our first look, which took place on our farm, Sunny Acre. We really wanted to include our dogs in some of our wedding photos. When I entered the yard and walked towards Nick in my wedding dress, our dogs all ran up to me, and started stepping on the train. It was fun and hilarious, and oh so typical!

More on the dress: I got it in November 2014 at Anna Be Bridal in Denver (the best bridal boutique ever!). I tried on several different dresses, and even went to all of the best boutiques in New York City but never had a reaction to any of them. My dress, by Watters, was the first one that I tried on at Anna Be, and I instantly knew it was the one. I loved it because it is unique, absolutely stunning, lightweight and breathable, easy to wear, and unlike anything I had ever seen before. I wore a long lace-edged veil for the ceremony, and I really truly felt like a bride! I wore my curly hair down with a side braid, and flowers of the wedding tucked in. My mom kept telling me the entire night that I looked like a “goddess,” and you know what, I felt like one too!

While in Turkey last summer, Nick and I purchased a silk carpet to stand on at our wedding ceremony. We really loved the idea of saying our vows on this special rug, and having it in our home forever. After my dad walked me down the aisle, Nick bent down and unstrapped my shoes, and we both stepped onto the carpet barefoot. We stood there holding hands, surrounded by some really special gemstones that we had collected over the years. Standing under the gorgeous wedding arch, with beautiful flowers and air plants hanging around us, everyone else just seemed to disappear. It was a truly intimate and special way to create a space for just the two of us.

LMD Productions really tied everything together in the room with up-lighting, pin spots, string-lights, and swaged antique-gold fabric from the ceiling. The light fixtures on the ceiling of the country club were transformed with air plants, southern smilax, and other greenery hanging off of it. When I walked in and saw the place card table with that stunning Manzanita branch, it truly took my breath away. I felt as if I had stepped into another world. The transformation of the BCC was incredible, and I know it was “one for the books” for them.

The entire night was SO magical and wildly romantic; it truly felt like a dream. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real, but then I look back at the pictures, and I know that it was. I just remember at the end of the night, running from table to table desperately giving people air plants and succulents to take home, because I was so sad that all of this beauty would soon be dismantled. Our wedding was truly perfect, I would not have changed one detail, except the fact that I never took a photo with my amazing wedding planner, Heather. None of this ever would have happened without her, and I am so sad that it is over now! At least I can re-live it through all of Dawn Sparks’ gorgeous photos. I truly understand the importance of having a phenomenal photographer and videographer, because it is impossible to take everything in on your actual day, but through the photos I will be able to admire all the pretty little details for years to come.


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