About this Workshop

Love Well Planned was conceptualized and founded by Calluna Events Owner Heather Dwight. She purchased the URL lovewellplanned.com on March 16. 2012 with the idea of creating workshops that educate, elevate and inspire the wedding industry. It has been a growing idea since then and now has come to fruition nearly seven years later. Calluna Events is in our 16th season in the wedding industry and I’ve been in the Event Industry for over 20 years. After speaking at the Rooted in the Rockies Conference in April 2018, Heather began mentoring several business owners see more info on Calluna Coaching here and realized she not only loved working with individuals, she had so much to share and offer. Heather is grateful to the individuals who have trusted her as a coach and mentor and honored to impart her knowledge of running a successful business, as well as what not to do, with the hopes to elevate, educate and grow our industry. If she can inspire one person to take a leap they never knew possible in their business that would be an incredible gift to her!

The Experience

Are you an inspiring wedding creative wanting to grow your business? Or maybe a few years in, wanting to take your business to the next level? Welcome to Love Well Planned, a 2-day invigorating and immersive workshop for wedding planners and creatives who are interested in elevating their business education. Whether you are a couple years in or looking to grow your company, even scale up, Love Well Planned is just what you are looking for. Join us for in-depth, full-day sessions with other like-minded creatives in a fun, open, community-based environment. Running a business for the long haul takes dedication. You could compare it to perfecting your yoga practice or training for a marathon. It takes practice. It requires repetition. And most of all, you can’t do it without patience and deep breathing. Please go to Love Well Planned to purchase tickets for our April 24 + 25, 2019 workshop in Denver.

Workshop Details

Date Wednesday April 24, 2019
Time 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Place Skylight 833 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204
Price $750

What's included in registration?

  • Establish your why
  • Determine a clear business intention
  • Re-set your mission in motion
  • Help you attract your ideal client
  • Improve your sales and pricing process and look at how you are making money
  • Walk in with wonder and leave with core values to build upon and your ideal client distinctly defined
  • Go to Love Well Planned to see specific details for each day
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Coffee + goodies!
  • Networking and other take aways like head shots, panels, workshops!