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Friday, September 7

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Here at Calluna we are always looking for new ways to highlight and honor some of the amazing creative partners we get to work with. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some seriously talented vendors in the industry, and we want to show them off to you in our new Calluna Community Series! We will sit down with some of the fabulous vendors of Colorado and get to know about them, their business and what life is like behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more!

This week for Calluna Community we caught up with Claudia Scharnikow of Some Claudia Girl!

Cheers! Xo, Calluna

Describe what you do! “Well, it all began when I was 16 years old and I started my career as a hairstylist specializing in Italian hair color and cutting techniques. It was there where shortly after, I found my passion and pursuit in the bridal hair and makeup industry! I have been specializing in bridal hairstyles and makeup for 8 years now!”

What is your idea of a dream project? “Oh goodness, I am about to sound so cliche (which is so not my personality- I am usually a sarcastic little devil) but honestly, I truly believe that I have been a part of some of the dreamiest weddings on this earth! At the beginning of my my career, I always dreamed of participating in a handful of beautifully curated/ designed weddings and after some years of dreaming and hard work- it evolved into me having to pinch myself because I kept finding myself working alongside so many talented vendors who play a part of weddings that I thought could only be dreamt of! Outside of that, I think that hosting a workshop to teach and empower other hair/ makeup artist is certainly a goal of mine!”

What has been your favorite wedding that you have worked, or attended? “Ugh, this question is tough and never gets easier because there isn’t just one! But if I had to absolutely pick, I would say it was a seaside wedding I did in Malibu, CA! The bride had me do 2 different hairstyles/ looks on her, she was stunning and I had the greatest time!”

What does your morning routine look like? “Although, I tend to be pretty type A with my business/ work life, I also like to be honest and say that I am not a morning person. I enjoy (very) slow mornings, bed cuddles with my dog followed by an americano and loud upbeat music to have a little dance party to before I dive into work emails or even a day full of bridal consultations. ”

What are some of your favorite trends that you are seeing? “I think I will always be a sucker for artistic braids but my favorite current trend is the classy and elegant yet effortless look. I like looks that look simple and organic but still clean and elegant!”

What advice would you give to a younger you? “Comparison is a thief! I still have to preach this to myself every now and then, but I wish I would have saved a lot of time I spent on comparing myself to others and their success and used it towards focusing more on how I could uniquely and more efficiently influence the wedding industry in my own way. I still struggle with this but realizing and reminding myself that I have a special set of talents, strengths and skills unlike anyone’s else’s that I could focus on instead of trying to be like some one else sets me up for a more productive work style and elevates my passion for what I do to new levels!”

What makes you excited to go to work in the morning? “People. I am a huge people person, I get a high when I get to see a bride smile ear to ear because her vision for wedding day hair/ makeup was accomplished and she feels like the most beautiful and confident version of herself before walking down the aisle to her forever love. I guess I should also warn all my brides that they may end up stuck with me as a lifelong friend because it tends to happen pretty frequently!”

What is your favorite cocktail, or what are you drinking tonight? “TEQUILA. My husband and I have specialized in quite the assortment of different freshly squeezed margarita flavors- so much so that we have become those people who critique every margarita that ever touches their lips. My go to drink most of the time though is tequila + tonic with a splash of unsweetened grapefruit juice!”

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