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Thursday, February 18

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We are proud and excited to announce we’ve worked with The Bespoke Edge to create a custom wedding suit for Calluna Events to offer to our clients. The Bespoke Edge, has been creating custom suits in Colorado for years and we trust them for all the men in our life – our grooms, groomsmen, fathers and for everyday guys who want to step it up a notch in their wardrobe.

Why custom? About half of all grooms are choosing to buy a suit for their big day versus opting to rent a tux. This doesn’t necessarily mean that weddings are getting more casual, but that they are becoming more personalized and custom.

When your groom owns his wedding suit, versus renting, he has more control over what he’s wearing. Of course, a tux will always be more formal than a suit, but the latter has the added benefit of becoming his go-to suit after the honeymoon. He will have a great fitting and versatile suit in his closet that he can wear in the office or for special occasions.

However, to make good use of your money, you need to know a few things about suits. Fortunately, the brain trust behind Calluna Events and Bespoke Edge have done the heavy lifting for you. We have designed a modern and versatile suit that will look as good in the office or on a date as it will during your wedding!


Consider this: If a guy is looking to buy just one suit, it should be navy blue – arguably the most versatile suit fabric out there. It’s going to work great for a date night or evening out, it will check the box for formal occasions, and it will quickly become a office staple.

At first glance, the fabric we chose for this featured wedding suit is a dark navy, but upon closer inspection, you can see that the fabric really has a lot of texture. And it’s almost an ink blue.

Regarding the fabric itself, it’s 100% European wool that’s smooth to the touch and breathable enough to be worn year round.


For the uninitiated, the lapel is the collar of a suit jacket. When you are shopping for a suit, you’re really going to be confronted with (2) choices: Notched or peaked lapel. The former is the standard and can be worn just about anywhere, but the reason we opted for a peaked lapel on this suit is that’s a bit bolder than the notched style. It’s your wedding after all!


We wanted a lining that wasn’t too loud and crazy, but still unique – something that would serve as a subtle reminder that this was no ordinary suit. What we ended up with was a modern polka dot pattern. It has a little bit of sheen to it and catches the eye nicely.



For an elegant and sophisticated look, we chose besom pockets. Streamlined, clean, and somewhat subdued.


Working buttons

You know those buttons on the cuff of a suit jacket that always seem to be there just for show? Yes, those drive us crazy too. That’s why with this featured suit we designed it with working buttons – the way they were meant to be. And whether he’s in the boardroom or at the wedding reception, he can unbutton a couple buttons for an ever-so-slightly casual look.

Working buttons are also a hallmark of fine suits, a reminder that this suit is a very special one for a very special day.



And finally, we wanted to add something special to the Calluna and Bespoke Edge featured suit – monogramming. We can put your name, the date of your wedding, or anything else you like inside your jacket. It’s a great capstone to a very special wedding suit.


The Calluna Events – Bespoke Edge wedding suit – available this wedding season for a special price of $1,275

Call Ron today and mention the Calluna – BE wedding suit to take advantage of this special offer.

Ron Wagner, Bespoke Edge owner and founder: 970-231-4588 or


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