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How to Throw a Virtual Bachelorette Party (and other festivities!)

Tuesday, April 14

As we’re nearing the one month mark of shut downs and gearing up for the next few weeks at home, we know spring looks a lot different than originally planned. While we shared what facing postponement looks like from a wedding standpoint, we know your smaller, more intimate celebrations are likely in jeopardy of cancellation. Our advice? Keep celebrating! 

Calluna bride, Holly, was NOLA bound for her bachelorette when travel plans were put indefinitely on hold. Instead of calling the entire thing off, her bridal party jumped into high gear for Plan B and hosted what’s lovingly been renamed Holly’s “Chat-lorette”. Here’s what the bride said:


Hosting your own Chat-lorette or virtual bash? | Borrow some of our tips for a seamless party:

Make it formal: Send an invite on online oriented sites like evite, greenvelope or paperless post to invite all guest attendees.

Pro Tip: include the Zoom or dial-in information for guests to reference later. Bonus tips if you include any relevant instructions for less than tech-savvy guests and a reminder to bring the charger!  If you’re hoping to make this digital hangout a surprise party, communicate that with guests and be sure everyone is logged on before contacting your bride-to-be or VIP.

Create an agenda: Take advantage of digital game destinations like Jackbox.TV to liven up the party, or follow in Holly’s lead and recruit the Groom for some fun Newlywed trivia – we love these prompts & questions.

Make it festive! Send the VIP something celebratory IRL so they feel the love! Party decorations (we love a good pinata, yummy snacks or cocktails to enjoy while they chat or a batch of blooms to brighten their space as they log on). Bonus if you create a theme around the party and encourage all participants to dress up!

Get comfortable – and out of your own head. We get it – it can be tricky to feel “party ready” when you’re talking to a screen in your home. Take some time before your party to get ready as you would the in-person fete, get your space set up so you’re comfortable and spacious with any “props” (or drinks, snacks, party favors) in hand and focus on being truly present. After a few minutes, it’ll almost seem effortless.

Bachelorette, bridal shower, birthday party, book club – the opportunities are endless for a virtual celebration. While it may not be what you expected, we hope it brings you light in such a unique time. Cheers to you friends, and happy celebrating together, apart : )

Feature Photo | S Lynne Photography

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