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Friday, June 26

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Here at Calluna we are always looking for new ways to highlight and honor our amazing creative partners. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some truly talented vendors in the industry, and we’re always thrilled to shine a spotlight on our beloved Colorado wedding community.

Since COVID-19 hit the wedding industry (and the world) with a sledgehammer and subsequently shaking up life as we know it, these small businesses had to pivot and adjust – quickly. With every new challenge a new opportunity is born. We’re elated to continue this our vendor spotlight series but with an intentional focus on the creative vendors who have so beautifully shown up in this new normal with inspiring new business ventures.

Today we’re chatting with our dear friend Bridget Burnett. Bridget has quickly and seamlessly launched Pay What You Want Sessions for her photography business to help clients who may be struggling with this unprecedented time. We are thrilled to learn more about what Bridget has been up to and can’t wait to share it!

Tell us about yourself and describe what you do! My name is Bridget Burnett and I’m a Denver based wedding and elopement photographer. I have been taking photos for about 10 years now, which is so crazy! It seems like just yesterday I picked up a camera for the first time. I have been shooting for quite some time, but there has been a change in the past few years. I have decided to focus my business on weddings and elopements because I love love! I honestly feel like a fire has been lit in my soul and that I have found my dream job. When I work with my clients, I want the shoot to be completely about them. When they look back on the photos, I want them to feel ALL of the feels. No matter the location, I want the couple to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I really strive to create genuine relationships with my clients and want our time together to feel comfortable and friendly. Travel is also very important to me and I love to shoot destination and adventure style weddings.

We know COVID-19 has impacted the wedding industry in 2020 significantly. Tell us about how Bridget Burnett Photography is pivoting in light of COVID-19? COVID-19 has thrown the entire wedding industry for a loop. This is something that no one saw coming, but there is comfort in knowing that we are all navigating our way through this together. The biggest challenge I have had during these past few months is seeing a lot of my couples make the decision to postpone their wedding. It’s heartbreaking, and I have been doing everything I can to help and be as flexible as possible during this time. Many people are struggling during this time mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically. This is why I introduced “Pay What You Want Sessions.”

Tell us about your new venture Pay What You Want Sessions! At first, pay what you want sessions were directed towards couples that have been impacted by COVID-19, but as the Black Lives Matter Movement started gaining more momentum, I could not just sit back and watch. That is when I decided to start donating 30% of my Pay What You Want Sessions to ACLU Colorado. It is my goal to be a part of something bigger and to help people that have been fighting for way too long. In these past few weeks, I have learned more than I have in my entire life, and I’m truly inspired to be a better person and business owner. I hope that these Pay What You Want Sessions and donations to the ACLU can help make a difference in not only my couples lives but everyone fighting for justice and equality in this country. One of my goals for my business is to be as inclusive and diverse as possible.

What advice or words of encouragement would you give to couples during this time? To every couple whose wedding has been affected by COVID-19 – no matter what your wedding looks like, ultimately it is about the love between you and your partner.

What companies (in the wedding industry or beyond!) are inspiring you right now? There are SO many! A few are – The Wild MotherThem.Avonne Photography, and Courtney Ahn Design.

What are you most excited about in 2020/2021? Even though my 2020 season didn’t look like I originally planned, it just means an even more special 2021! I’ve seen couples shift their plans with such grade and it makes me even more excited to capture their love. For 2020/2021 I’m headed to Turks + Caicos for a wedding, shooting small/intimate weddings, LGBTQ+ couples, a Texas and California wedding and so many other exciting things! I hope to book even more couples that gravitate towards my work in the coming months.

Photos: Bridget Burnett Photography

Want in on this new service? Us too. To learn more about Pay What You Want Sessions, please reach out to Bridget Burnet Photography

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