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Wedding Surprises & Shoes!

Thursday, October 26

It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks. Each week we’ll answer questions we receive from our readers. Send your questions about weddings, planning, style, or anything really and we’ll answer them!

XO, Calluna

I want to surprise my fiancee with something fun at our wedding but can’t think of any unique ideas. Any suggestions?

We adore when couples add elements of surprise to their big day! Here are a few fun ideas.

  • A flash mob.
  • A choreographed dance with your bridal party or groomsmen…we LOVE this one. 
  • A song for your new hubby or wifey. One of our grooms this summer got up on stage and sang an incredibly special song to his new bride…swoon!
  • A slide show of special photos.

I am looking for some cute wedding shoes that are comfortable but still stylish…any ideas?

We love a good pair of wedding shoes, so we would absolutely help with your fashion question! Here are a few of our favorite options!


Featured Image : India Earl Photography


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