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Monday, June 4

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It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks of the industry. Each week we’ll answer questions from YOU! Send us your questions to or send us a message on instagram at @callunaevents!

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When should our wedding invitations be sent out, and how long do we give guests to RSVP?

Invitations should typically be sent out six to eight weeks prior to the wedding date. This gives guests ample time to make travel plans and clear their schedules. This being said, if you are throwing a destination wedding or have guests traveling from far away, the more time the better. Extra time to plan never hurts!

As for RSVP’s, request to have them returned to you two to three weeks before the wedding to complete your final guest list.

Do we still send a wedding invitation to guests that we already know cannot attend?

Typically, yes. Although each situation is different, receiving a wedding invitation proves to your guests that their presence on your wedding day is something you value and that they are important to you. Not to mention, plans change! We think it’s best to play it safe and send the invite then it is to unintentionally offend someone or run into any conflicts.

Should we include our registry information on the invitation?

Even though your guests expect you to have a registry together, advertising it directly on your wedding invitations is not something you want to do. Instead, make sure your registry is easily accessible from your website, and include the link to your website on an information card that goes along with your invitations.

What information is necessary to include on the invitation?

Creativity is always encouraged, but it’s also important to keep in mind that wedding invitations are one of the most vital pieces of your big day. They provide your guests with all the necessary information for your wedding, so it’s important that your message is clear and accurate. Aside from the obvious names, venue, time + date, listed below is information we recommend including with your wedding invitations.

Response Card | It is important to make things as easy as possible for your guests, so including a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for people to RSVP is a must. It is also important to clarify the specific date to reply by.

Reception Information | The wedding reception is often hosted at a different location and includes a lot of its own information. If you are worried that including your reception information on your wedding invitation will make things look too cluttered, opt for a reception card instead.

Attire Information | If you want to let your guests know the dress code, this information can go on the bottom of your invitations, or on a separate details card.

Wedding Website | Wedding websites are the perfect way to digitally provide your guests with all the information they need for your big day. Including the link to your wedding website on your invites or an information card is the perfect way to lead guests to things like your love story + proposal, as well as gift registries, online RSVP, and much more.

Accommodation Card | For out of town attendees, it is important to include local lodging information so guests know where they can make a reservation if they decide to stay the night.


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