About the event

We feel so fortunate to live in a state that loves love. Cord & Kelly represent true love in our eyes and we feel blessed to have been a part of their magical, self-titled “Love Fest.”

From our first meeting with them at their beautiful private residence in Boulder, Cord & Kelly welcomed us with open arms into their inner circle. We realized early on that their wedding was going to be one for the books. They presented their “Fire & Ice” concept to us and explained detail-by-detail how every item of their wedding day was to represent something meaningful to the two of them. When everything came together so perfectly, we had the natural elements of snow-capped mountains (it snowed the day prior) in the distance and the bright aspen leaves all over. Perfection! However, Cord & Kelly wanted to take it further and we brought together “Ice” elements (clear ghost chairs, crystal chandeliers, glowing lounges a.k.a “cuddle puddles,” frosted LED bars and custom cocktails) and the “Fire” (the 12′ radiating bonfire complete with hand made aspen branch torches, bright red dahlias and flower touches, burning candles and lit trees everywhere, and a custom “love elixir” that was warm, tasty, and promotes everlasting love).

Cord & Kelly dreamed up a 12′ bonfire that each guest added fuel to with their torch, that was handed out during the “ritual” ceremony. They walked down the aisle to Poolside’s remix of Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” and were greeted by glowing lucite vases with bright yellow aspen leaves and a modern fire pit on their ritual platform.

Guests were blown away by the food, the fire, the custom cocktails, the handmade designs, the custom playlists (by Kelly), and the everlasting love between these two exceptional humans. Thank you Cord & Kelly for letting us be a part of your magic.

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