Field to Vase Boulder with American Grown Flowers

Sometimes we are fortunate to be brought onboard where a stellar team is already assembled and we get to work magic with our fellow vendors. This was the case when Kasey Cronquist from American Grown Field to Vase reached out one month prior to their Boulder event. The Field to Vase Tour is a series of private, intimate, must-attend gatherings that place seasonal, local and sustainable American Grown flowers at the center of the table where locally grown food, beer, and wine is served by a farm-to-table chef. We were fortunate to help participate this year in the 2nd annual Boulder event with some of our favorite local vendors such as Robyn Rissman of Bare Root Flora and Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs, (long time friend and former Colorado florist), Kristy and Chet Anderson of the Fresh Herb Company, our venue and Blackbelly Catering, our local farm-to-table powerhouse! Together we created a beautiful evening for our guests, showcased what Colorado flower farmers and florists are exceptional at and had incredible weather! We already can’t wait for next year’s event!

Gorgeous photography from the insanely talented and lovely Connie Whitlock Photography!

Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_002 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_003 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_006 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_009 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_015 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_024 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_025 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_032 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_037 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_038 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_057 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_074 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_083 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_085 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_137 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_153 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_156 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_164 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_167 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_183 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_217 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_221 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_222 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_248 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_285 Field_to_Vase_Boulder_2016_by_Connie_Whitlock_web_310


Vendor Love

Floral Designers: Bare Root Flora  and Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs, Venue and Flower Farmer: Kristy and Chet Anderson of the Fresh Herb Company, Caterer: Blackbelly Catering, Dessert: Niche Confections, Photography: Connie Whitlock Photography, Harvest Tables: Harvest Table Company, Rentals: All Events, Wine: Whole Foods, Gin for our Signature Cocktail the Fuzzy Flower: Sprit Hound Distillers, Restroom: The Lavish Loo

Vendor Spotlight :: Bare Root Flora

| Photo by Callie Hobbes Photography |

This week for our Vendor Spotlight, we chatted with Robyn from Bare Root Flora. Her whimsical designs are breathtaking and we can’t wait to work with her this season!

How would you describe what you do?

Bare Root Flora is a boutique design house specializing in lush, textural, wild floral designs for stylish, organic weddings and social events. For our clients, flowers are a huge part of the look and feel of their wedding, and it’s why they come to us! We put all of who we are into flowers and I think clients can see and sense that.

What is your idea of a dream project?

Dream projects for me usually revolve around amazing clients and vendor teams. Being a part of a synergistic team of creatives all putting their best work out there to give a couple their dream day—that is my dream project.

What has been your favorite wedding or event that you worked or attended? Why?

I don’t think I could pick just one! I have had the privilege of working on some truly memorable events and they’ve been really special to me for lots of reasons. I think when I really connect personally with my clients it takes their wedding to the next level for me—both professionally and personally!

View More:

What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

Being the captain of my own ship! It is so exciting and empowering to know that the big decisions impacting my business are made by me. I never realized exactly how fulfilling it would be to be the boss, but I have to say it’s one of the most rewarding aspects for me. And of course, the actual design! There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something beautiful with my own hands and some gorgeous flowers!

What advice would you give a younger you?

Don’t waste time doing what you don’t love. Life is short, so make your own opportunities and seize them!

Sara Hasstedt: Photographer

What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?

I love the gorgeous, wild, looser looks we’ve seen over the past few years and that we’ll continue to see in 2016! And I’m thrilled that people are embracing beautiful and diverse foliages as a big part of the floral palette of the wedding.

What’s a color/flower scheme that you would love to do?

Well, I live for color! As beautiful as a neutral wedding is, nothing inspires me as much as flowers and foliages in deep, rich tones. And I can’t seem to design anything that doesn’t strongly feature a pomegranate or artichoke, so bring on the produce!

Keep up with Robyn from Bare Root Flora :: Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Mediterranean Inspired Styled Shoot

We are ecstatic that our Mediterranean Inspired styled shoot was featured today on Style Me Pretty’s homepage! It is truly an honor!

Wedding styled shoots with our fellow vendors that we love oh-so-much are at the pinnacle of what we are passionate about and what makes us excited each and every day! It is the perfect way for each one of us to express a new creative avenue that we have wanted to try out. It is also a way for us to get inspired by the creative people that surround us in this amazing world of weddings!

When Ashley from Ashley Sawtelle Photography, one of our office mates, approached us at the end of last summer about a styled shoot she had in her mind we knew instantly we wanted to collaborate with her. But we wanted to do it right! After a busy wedding season and end of the year we finally made the shoot happen in January of this year and it was one of those shoots where you are pinching yourself from the moment you arrive at all the beauty and talent surrounding you!

For this shoot we wanted to create a scene that was inspired by the Mediterranean coast. The color palette consisting of those gorgeous deep blues and teals, accented with the vibrant citrus colors and stunning floral hues.

Our table scape struck the perfect look of timelessness yet modern. With the stunning white backdrop of EXDO event center and the natural wood table, tied in with the tall gold tapered candles, eclectic dinnerware pieces and tile place cards. The hint of gold throughout was a nice neutral to keep our color palate grounded.

Throughout the entire shoot we felt inspired by each of the vendors that contributed. Each one brought a unique piece to the table and left us in awe. Twinkle & Toast provided the tile place cards, escort cards, sign and invitation suite and designed a custom pattern throughout each piece. Sugar Breck used real ribbon from Silk & Willow on the base of the cake. And hand painted tile cookies, adding a sweet touch to the theme.

Bare Root Flora provided the breathtaking bouquet, which was bound by the striking ribbon from Silk & Willow. They also provided the stunning centerpiece, which pulled in our vibrant colors perfectly and was finished off with some mouth watering citrus around the base.

Eclectic Hive provided an Indian wedding wood table and aged, mismatched wood chairs. They also provided the sheepskin rug, which balanced out the raw concrete floor and white brick background.

Alchemy Mineral Blends used light, spring colors from their new collection to show a fresh and dewy complexion for our bride against her dark, Mediterranean features. Angie Star Jewelry provided a simple gold and diamond wedding band; as well as diamond and gold studs.

We chose an elegant, yet simple two piece wedding dress from Rebecca Schoneveld and veil by Sara Gabriel, both found at a & bé Bridal in Denver, CO. We loved the subtle blue in the bodice of the dress, which tied in the blue from the rest of the shoot.

The West Elm in Denver provided the eclectic gold flatware, Peppercorn located in Boulder provided the striking blue napkins that really helped tie in the rich bright blue of the tile place cards, and the rest of the table décor came from Anthropologie.

And certainly but not least, Ashley Sawtelle from Ashley Sawtelle Photography captured the entire shoot perfectly. Her attention to detail and expertise behind the camera really shone through throughout the entire shoot. The photos are a testament to how talented Ashley truly is.

We can’t thank all our vendors enough for all the hard work they put in to pull this entire shoot together! We can’t wait for the next styled shoot! xx Calluna

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Valentine’s Day Special :: Alternative Assortment

A classic bouquet of red roses is notoriously known as the traditional gift for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day… but why not go the nontraditional route and deliver so much more?

And the best part you ask? It will more likely than not, lend your Valentine’s wallet a relief as well (so hint, hint, nudge, nudge – send this his way). Or if you are feeling very generous on this Valentine’s Day send your favorite arrangement below to your BFF. Everyone is always in need of some love on this Hallmark holiday!

We hit the field to discuss this floral heavy holiday with some of our favorite local florists and get their spin on the perfect alternative assortment. The result? A perfectly crafted, “there’s an arrangement for everyone” guide for Cupid’s favorite celebration. Happy love day, dear readers!


Bare Root Flora summed up our thoughts perfectly:

“As much as we adore roses, we LOVE when people think beyond the traditional red rose arrangement for Valentine’s Day! There are so many gorgeous alternatives to the traditional dozen roses and as designers; we love to play with all the beautiful early spring blooms in season in February!”

Bare Root Flora

“This arrangement features anemone, ranunculus, parrot tulips, and, yes, even a few spray roses for tradition’s sake”

| Design by Bare Root Flora, photo by Ali Brannan |


The Perfect Petal is showcasing their newest arrangement, the Tampa, designed by Senior Designer Tara Huston for this Valentine’s Day treat!


“This is a perfect gift for a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day for those who are comfortable thinking outside of the box. Ranunculus comes in such incredible but subtle variations of color so I wanted to include this romantic bloom as the foundation for this design. Sexy, bold, and brilliant.”

| Design by The Perfect Petal, Photo + Cover Photo by Rebecca Caridad of Manzanita |


Fiori Flowers is also keeping up with the ranunculus trend with their enchanting alternative assortment.

Fiori FlowersAnnie+Elliott-01491

“We love to think beyond the traditional roses and although we have many favorites, peonies and ranunculus really take the cake. In this picture we have featured the coral charm peony, which may just be the hottest flower around these days. We love roses keeping in tradition, but in a non-traditional way!”

| Design by Fiori Flowers |


Plum Sage Flowers thinks outside the box but making sure all the flowers chosen for their alternative arrangement are in season, which can sometimes be limiting  in the middle of February.

Plum Sage Flowers

“We prefer to suggest other magnificent blooms in romantic and happy colors other than red! Roses are often overpriced due to the demand and are not always healthy. This arrangement consist of hydrangeas, tulips, Juliet garden roses, rice flower, dusty miller, and pink and white cymbidium orchids. All the blooms in this arrangement are available this week!”

| Design by Plum Sage Flowers |


Brighter Day Floral Design brings a very sophisticated twist to the alternative assortment.

Brighter Day Floral Design

“At Brighter Day Floral design we strive for three things: Unique and elegant designs + extra-long-lasting flowers + vases you want to keep. This floral design captures all three. The elegant calla lilies last a remarkable 8-10 days making this design dramatic and memorable. The best part… it can be easily purchased on our website for an irresistible price. What lucky lady {and her man} wouldn’t fall in love with that?”

| Design by Brighter Day Floral Design |

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