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We are back with a brand new #CoffeeWithCalluna and we are absolutely loving some of the questions you all have been asking! This week we have questions ranging from Bachelorette party ideas to technology at weddings. The industry is constantly changing and so are the “rules” so tonight we are sharing our answers with you!

This is a great question and we truly believe that it should be your choice which wedding traditions you choose to embrace or ignore. Ultimately, whoever walks you down the aisle is your choice and we have seen plenty of brides stroll down the aisle with both their parents, just their mom, a step-parent, sibling or you can even go solo! Don’t be afraid to mold the tradition to your own personality, after all it is YOUR big day!

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This is a fantastic question! While Vegas is always a fun option, tons of brides also stray away from it as a bachelorette party location. The answers to this question are endless but here are a some of our favorite spots for a potential bachelorette bash!

For the Outdoorsy Bride : We mentioned the Vail Collective in our Bucketlist Venue blog a few weeks ago, and we think it would be the perfect spot for a girls weekend getaway. With locations in Vail, Montana and Aspen, the outdoorsy bride will fall in love with these spots for a bachelorette weekend! For more information click here!


For the Foodie Bride : Admit it, sometimes vacations that are planned around delicious food are the best vacations! Try taking a culinary tour with your best gals and you are guaranteed to have a great time. We loved Travel & Leisure’s list of “America’s Best Cities for Foodies” which includes some seriously amazing places like San Francisco, New Orleans, and Nashville. Good food is often accompanied by great nightlife, arts and culture so any of these places would be a great option!

Technology is such a huge part of our world and we completely understand if you want your wedding day to simply be focused on good friends, delicious food and of course you and your new hubbys love! We love the idea of a having an “unplugged” wedding and we think there are some fantastic ways to express this to your guests. One option would be to include your desire for a phone free celebration in the wedding program, this way all of the guests will see and respect your wishes. Another way would be to have your Dj or officiant make an announcement. Your guests will understand what you want to focus to be on, and everybody will have a great time no matter what!

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Shop Local Series- Part IV

With Halloween behind us, we are fully embracing the holiday season with open arms. Though the temperatures will drop, we think that winter is the perfect time to shop in Boulder. So bundle up and enjoy a stroll downtown and shop at some of these fabulous local stores!

Enjoy! xx, Calluna

Willow: 2595 Canyon Boulevard, Suite 105, Boulder, CO

“Located in the heart of Boulder, Willow is a locally owned boutique offering a well-edited selection of contemporary and emerging designer clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.”

Featured Items: 

BG9RgaihSfpze5HFrdsbprryKB5kT05nzkl8WHLfxZ8 q40gtWq-9eMGx3TJzdVECL66maTxwvCx0Z-hNZvK5B4 cOxTh6mC92d6004ySZ-MK3oZXgMXoMNG8VlAX2UJQNc

Boulder Cycle Sport4580 N. Broadway St, Boulder, CO


Boulder Cycle Sport was founded in 2005 by two University of Colorado graduates with the mission to provide a community-based bike shop to cater to all level of cyclists. Whether you are a first time rider, recreational enthusiast or an elite-level racer, Boulder Cycle Sport strives to be the foremost resource for all your cycling needs.”

Featured Item: Not sure what your favorite cyclist needs? No worries at all! The Boulder Cycle Sport Gift Card has you covered. Available in any amount and it comes with a custom gift card holder and orange envelope. Spend $50 or more and we’ll include a gift wrapped Boulder Cycle Sport pint glass for free!

Image via Boulder Cycle Sport || Image Jochen Haar

Angie Star Jewelry: 1807 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

“Angie Star Jewelry is located on the East End of the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, nestled amid upscale boutiques, hip coffee shops, and trendy restaurants. We custom make unique hand-craft jewelry, using sustainable & ethically sourced materials. Come on down to the East End, make a day of it!”

Featured Item: Organic, twinkle pendant in reclaimed 14 karat yellow gold in a satin finish.  Perfect gift for all the lovelies on your list! And, locally made at Angie Star Jewelry, 1807 Pearl St.



Featured Image: Willow Boulder

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