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We are back this week with our Vendor Spotlights, and this week we are focusing on Megan from Megan Joy Cakes. She is truly talented when it comes to cakes and sweet treats. This wedding season we already have two weddings booked with her and we can’t wait to work with her and see the creations that she creates for each of the weddings! If we are lucky we will get a taste of the cakes as well! Read on to catch up with our interview with Megan and see what inspires her.


Describe what you do. 
I am passionate for creating cake that is more than just “cake”. Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most special days of your life, so why conclude the evening with a cake that pales in comparison to everything else that day? I like to craft my cakes so they eat like a plated dessert-  composed of balanced, contrasting flavors and textures. It truly elevates the cake eating experience!
| Photo: Rachel Havel Photography |
What is your idea of a dream project?
I feel like I’ve already had several dream projects! I am so fortunate to be based here, where we have such amazing clients with big visions, and all the talented planners and vendors who make them come to life. That being said, I would love to get a job for a destination wedding- somewhere tropical. It would be fun to work with a completely different setting, and squeeze in a mini vacation too. 
What has been your favorite weeding or event you’ve ever worked/attended?
Last September, I made my cousin’s wedding cake, in Indiana. All of my family lives there, and it was really neat to share my work with them, especially my grandmothers. They are some of my biggest fans and it was truly a family affair- I had lots of help!
What makes you excited to go to work in the morning?
I get excited about creating cake designs and flavors that are always pushing me to do better. The whole process is very artistic to me and I love working with my hands and just seeing where a design ends up. It’s relaxing and addicting!
What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in your industry?
I like that clients are paying more attention to their wedding cake- what goes in it, where it comes from, and how it’s designed. The cake isn’t an afterthought anymore, it’s become a very important part of the wedding day and is being regarded more as a work of art.
MJoy-15-(ZF-4073-84715-1-014)[1] MJoy-18-(ZF-4073-84715-1-017)[1]
| Photos: Cara Leonard Photography |

We loved getting to know Megan and discovering what inspires her. We especially loved getting a look at some of her master pieces that she has created! If you liked what you read, check her out on her social media outlets and look into booking her for your wedding! After all wedding season is just around the corner, and 2016 spots are already getting booked!

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Stay tuned for more of our vendor spotlights! xx, Calluna

Something Sweet :: Cake Trends 2015

We believe wedding cakes and desserts should be as aesthetically pleasing as they are flavorful and delicious. If cutting the cake is an important tradition during your ceremony or a must have item on your photography shot list, chances are every guest is drooling in anticipation for a tasty bite.

As the 2015 wedding season has officially kicked off we (unsurprisingly) have the dessert table on our mind. We love the ever changing dessert trends (see here , hereand here) but this year we wanted to take the conversation to the pros: tride and true Colorado bakers that have paved the way for gorgeous culinary creations. Scroll through to get an insider’s perspective on this year’s scrumptious sensations – we can’t wait to see these trends brought to life!


Katy Pierson from Sugar Breck believes the more natural cake the better.

Sugar Breck - Katy

“Is there anything better than a buttercream cake?  I think not.  I really never tire of a beautifully decorated buttercream cake with fresh flowers.  Big or small, I think this trend is timeless and on point for 2015 and until the end of time….  For me, a buttercream cake makes me first in line for dessert, drooling and perhaps throwing elbows.  Nah, just kidding! (only about the throwing elbows part).

Natural and rustic bases for the cake to be displayed on are a wonderful addition to a simple buttercream cake.  A smattering of flowers with big pops of color and fresh greens also an abundance of fresh fruit will also make this trend a sure hit.

On the inside, I love a cake with a smooth and creamy texture with a “homey” feel.  You know, like the one your Grandmother used to make.  Natural and organic flavors go hand in hand with this type of cake.   Just like that old saying goes “less is more,” in my book.   One of the most common things I say to my clients is “don’t ya want to look back at your wedding cake photo in 30 years and say “that was a good choice.” ”


Megan Joy at Megan Joy Cakes has a similar opinion to Katy.  KatieGrantPhotography- megan joy


“I can definitely say that a big trend for my clients right now are those organic, textured cake designs, which I also enjoy because no two are the same. Marbled colors, rough texture, and beautiful, soft floral or feather accents reflect the mountain-glam style that so many of our brides are seeking.”

| Photo on left by Rachel Havel Photography, Photo on right by Katie Grant Photography |


Rachel Teufel, Owner and Cake Designer at Intricate Icings provides us with insight on what will give your cake that stunning “wow factor.” Her two designs below will leave you speechless and wanting more!

Intricate-Icings Art & Soul     Intricate-Icing Art & soul 2

“Some of this year’s popular trends in cakes are gold, fringe, feathers, and hand painting. While Marsala is the color of the year, there’s lots of blue, blush, and neutrals on the fashion runway as well that will influence wedding colors. This cake combines all of those trends in one.”

| Photos by Art & Soul |

 Intricate Icings Campfire studios     intricate Icings Campfire studios wafer paper

“While fresh flowers are always a nice addition to a cake, sugar flowers add a bit of wow factor. These handmade edible creations are a great choice for those clients looking to impress their guests. Gumpaste is an edible version of clay and is the most popular medium used to create these flowers, but wafer paper is making its entrance as the next big thing in sugar flowers.  Wafer paper is light and delicate giving the sugar flowers a more lifelike look and texture. This cake combines a bold gold design with rich red sugar roses.”

| Photos by Campfire Studios |


Kim with Tee and Cakes has a little more of a non-traditional cake in mind for this year’s up and coming trends but works perfectly for that gluten free couple.

Tee and Cakes

“I think that my favorite recent trend is French Macaroon towers to take the place of a tiered cake.  Yes, they are not necessarily new on the dessert front but they have received much more attention in the past year or so.  I believe that brides are willing to experiment a bit more with the choices they offer their guests.  Macaroons seem to hit on many levels of satisfaction.  The incorporation of color, texture, height, uniqueness, simplicity, and they are also gluten free which we know is a big up and coming trend.”


Thank you to all our vendors for being involved! xx Calluna Events

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