A New Local Gem is Coming to Town :: 2019 10th Street

There is no better way to shop than to shop local! Especially here in Boulder, it’s a way of life and it is what makes this community oh so special. We get so excited when a new venture is in the works and especially when it has to do with some of our local favs!

Everyone knows how awesome Cedar & Hyde and Cured are – these fan favorites + brand new Fawns Leap are teaming up to create an original downtown Boulder space this autumn season. We reached out to the new team to get the inside look into how this to-good-to-be-true collaboration is going to work!


The Cured Farm Dinner at the Riverbend in Lyons, CO. © Brett Wilhelm

Cured is your essential European-style mom-and-pop specialty market with a smorgasbord of cheese, charcuterie,wine, chocolate, bread and your top of the line Olive Oil which are all made into tasty lunches and snacks. In the new space, Cured West, they will taking their full range of product they offer at Cured and pare things back a bit so they can focus on the grab-and-go lunch market, with quick options for your way home as an easy evening meal. Essentially, they want to create something that still feels like the original Cured, but taken back to just the necessities.




Cedar & Hyde is your rare find modern day mercantile that offers a shopping experience complete with in-depth stories about the product, a face-to-face relation, and the possibility of being surprised by a local vendor hosting a unique pop-up shop in the market on any given day.The Cedar & Hyde Mercantile space at the new location is set to be their office where they plan to focus on their online retail that will be launching sometime by the end of the year. The idea behind 2019 10th St. space is that Cedar & Hyde are able to expand the market concept of the mercantile. The mercantile is supposed to be a place where you can come and get something for every aspect of your life, and by providing a space that offers food and flowers gives Cedar & Hyde the opportunity to provide just that!



9AA1A12E-E1EA-455D-9840-30AAAA536791And we would like to introduce the newest member of the community, Fawns Leap! Fawns Leap is the new flower
shop on the block that we know won’t disappoint. Providing fresh, gorgeous, ever-changing stems to choose from
along with an excellent selection of specimen plants, beautiful designed vases and planters, vessels for illumination, and home goods. Embracing a natural, elegant style, Fawns Leap botanical artistry seeks to connect us with our environment and each other. Fawns Leap is a reminder to Tara, the proud new owner, of wild places and the thrill of gathering up your courage and going for it! Congratulations Tara, we know your new endeavor will be a huge hit! Stay tuned for our full interview with Tara and Fawns Leap!



Father’s Day Inspiration

Your dad is one very special guy in your life. He has been there for you for everything, both good and bad! Everything from you first time you rode a bike, to your first heart break, and of course he will be there to walk you down the aisle and hand you off to the man of your dreams. You know what they say – your dad is the first man you have ever loved!
Being the guy that your dad is, he will let you have all the spotlight on your special day. Which is why it is important to give your dad the spotlight that he deserves this Father’s Day! All of us at Calluna put a few ideas together you can do with you good ol’ dad!
Visit a Brewery 
If your Dad is a beer guy or even if he isn’t – take him to visit a brewery. It is the perfect activity for any afternoon and Colorado , especially the Boulder and Denver area, is the hub for some of the best breweries around! You can go and get a flight of beer to try and if you are lucky grab a tasty treat from the food truck parked outside!
Some of the top ones to put on your list to check out:
Get Out and Explore
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.45.27 PM
Go and do something with your dad that he is passionate about! All Dad’s have at least one thing that they love to do – be it fly fishing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, you name it. The activities are endless and Colorado happens to be the perfect backyard for all of these activities! You could even chance it and take your daddio on an adventure he has never even done before – like go do a high ropes course and put your abilities to the test!
Get Your Sport On
There is also the opportunity to get some tickets to a sporting event! Now that the weather has jumped back into summer temperatures and The Rockies are in full swing perhaps take your Dad to watch a ballgame and while you are there grab one of the famous Mile High hot dogs! Yum!
Or you could even go the extra mile – with football season just around the corner, and the first NFL game for the Broncos kicking off here in Colorado perhaps surprise your Dad with some too good to be true tickets!
Good Things Come in Small Packages 
Perhaps your dad is need of some new clothing! Check out Nod & Rose, Cedar & Hyde, and Bespoke Edge to get your dad all geared up in something both trendy and that he will absolutely love!
Layer 95Layer 96Layer 97
Or you could go the more sentimental route and get your dad a personalized phonebook or calendar from our favorite, Artifact Uprising!
Whatever it is you choose to do with your dad this Sunday be sure to remind him how much your dad means to you and how lucky you are to have such a strong and steady man in your life! We hope you and your dad have a fabulous weekend! xx, Calluna
| Feature Photo: Cyn Kain Photography |

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