Spring Down The Aisle Recap

We are over the moon that Spring Down the Aisle, our bridal show that we helped plan with the St Julien Hotel and Spa and Rocky Mountain Bride, was a major success! The sold out event was attended by both brides and their loved ones, giving them an opportunity to speak and see the work of some of the best in the industry here in Colorado. We always say we are only as good as the vendors we work with, and the vendors that participated in this collaboration completely exceeded our expectations! The tea and show consisted of three different looks that we designed; A Classic Black Tie with a Twist, A Vibrant Floral and a Romantic Ethereal look. Each look turned out better than we could have ever imagined! The fashion show that took place in the afternoon was also a huge hit – featuring trends that appealed to the bride, groom and bridesmaid. The show featured some of the most beautiful dresses and accessories we have ever laid our eyes on! It was an event to remember and we feel so lucky to have been a part of such an amazing bridal show!

:: Vendor Love ::

Rocky Mountain Bride | Venue: St Julien Hotel & Spa | Event Planning + Decor: Calluna Events | Draping + Lighting: LMD Productions  | Floral: Brighter Day Floral Design | Rentals: Event Rents | DJ: DJ Jahsonic | Musicians: Adam Bodine Trio  | Bridesmaid Dress Shop: Bella Bridesmaids  | Jewelry: Todd Reed Jewelry  | Photography: Laura Murray Photography  | Custom Men’s Suits: Bespoke Edge  | Paper Goods: Sweet Letterpress | Bridal Dresses: Little White Dress | Seating Vignettes: Eclectic Hive

  005 Spring Down the Aisle 008 Spring Down the Aisle 012 Spring Down the Aisle 018 Spring Down the Aisle 021 Spring Down the Aisle 024 Spring Down the Aisle 030 Spring Down the Aisle 033 Spring Down the Aisle 034 Spring Down the Aisle 036 Spring Down the Aisle 040 Spring Down the Aisle 041 Spring Down the Aisle 042 Spring Down the Aisle 043 Spring Down the Aisle 047 Spring Down the Aisle 048 Spring Down the Aisle

First we had the classic black tie with a twist look…

058 Spring Down the Aisle 061 Spring Down the Aisle 065 Spring Down the Aisle

Then we had the floral vibrant look…

074 Spring Down the Aisle 080 Spring Down the Aisle 084 Spring Down the Aisle

Next we had the romantic ethereal look…

092 Spring Down the Aisle 096 Spring Down the Aisle 102 Spring Down the Aisle

and last but certainly not least, we had the get away looks for our bride and groom!

106 Spring Down the Aisle

The talented Laura Murray captured some beautiful shots of the different looks!

108 Spring Down the Aisle 109 Spring Down the Aisle 110 Spring Down the Aisle 113 Spring Down the Aisle 118 Spring Down the Aisle 120 Spring Down the Aisle 123 Spring Down the Aisle 127 Spring Down the Aisle 130 Spring Down the Aisle 131 Spring Down the Aisle 132 Spring Down the Aisle 139 Spring Down the Aisle 143 Spring Down the Aisle 145 Spring Down the Aisle 147 Spring Down the Aisle 151 Spring Down the Aisle 152 Spring Down the Aisle


An Edgy Meets Glam Sultry Styled Photoshoot

We are beyond excited to have this sultry styled shoot featured on Ruffled blog today!

Energized by the changing seasons and the colder temperatures, we at Calluna Events set out with a mission to curate a shoot that catered to both the winter bride and holiday party enthusiast. Armed with the color palette of black, gold, and bright hues of red, we were completely inspired and ran with an edgy roaring 20s vibe that was dripping in glitz and glam!

We paired up with Denver’s talented vendors – each bringing their own personal flair and interpretation to our speakeasy theme and together a sultry, rich, and totally gorgeous shoot came together.

Epernay Lounge in downtown Denver served double duty not only as our one of a kind sultry venue, but assisted in the ideation of our spooky speakeasy, contributing everything from the dripping tapered candles to the gold gilded pumpkins.

Merci Bouquet showed up with extravagant blooms in hand, exploding with texture and color. The unexpected combo of fruits + florals to garnish the table scape effortlessly complimented our distinct color palette, bringing poise and synergy to the entire shoot. Dark boutonnieres flattered the eye-catching textured bouquets, and an abundant array of candles topped off the vibrant black sequined La Tavola linen. Gold flatware, chargers and a matte black napkins were the finishing touches. Each detail was carefully crafted to dramatize our gorgeous venue and complete the already sexy, intimate vibe. It was nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from the giltz of it all.

Our couple sat like royalty in Charming Chairs’ King chairs – their newest edition and a never been photographed speciality. With such a commanding presence, we paired these one of a kind  love seats alongside the clean white Louise chair to create a juxtaposition of our darker colors.

Lolli and Pops took us back the Roaring 20s with indulgent sweets and candies – Charleston Chew’s, cream sodas and gold and silver rock candy that looked almost too good to eat. Sugarmill brought our delicious macaroons, decorated with flecks of gold and delicate black detail. Each sweet treat seamlessly fell into the mix.

A & Be bridal shop generously presented two never been photographed dresses for the shoot. The Catherine Dean “Tallulah” dress and the Rue de Seine “Leif” dress from the 2016 “Nomadic Love” Collection were featured and individually lent a hand in completing the look we were striving to accomplish. The simplicity and elegance of each dress were breathtaking and stole the show. We loved the intricate beading detail on both dresses, emulating the Great Gatsby glamour with a modern edgy spin… swoon. Our grooms were clothed in beautiful custom Bespoke Edge suits – clean, polished, and perfectly suave.

Bubbles were popped over a dramatic champagne tower, compliments of Moet & Chandon Champagne. The intricate tower was hand-crafted on top of a glamorous gold sequin linen provided by Event Rents. As a special surprise, dry ice circled the centerpiece to create just enough spook for this Halloween centric shoot.

Last but certainly not least, Emily Sacco from Emily Sacco Photography photographed the entire shoot. The angles she captured, the colors she accentuated, and the overall feeling she curated through her photos was absolutely jaw dropping. We are overjoyed with the final product!

View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy          View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy      View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy

View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasyView More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy      View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy  View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy       View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy  View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy    View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy       View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy          View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy   View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy       View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy           View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy View More: http://emilysacco.pass.us/speakeasy

A New Local Gem is Coming to Town :: 2019 10th Street

There is no better way to shop than to shop local! Especially here in Boulder, it’s a way of life and it is what makes this community oh so special. We get so excited when a new venture is in the works and especially when it has to do with some of our local favs!

Everyone knows how awesome Cedar & Hyde and Cured are – these fan favorites + brand new Fawns Leap are teaming up to create an original downtown Boulder space this autumn season. We reached out to the new team to get the inside look into how this to-good-to-be-true collaboration is going to work!


The Cured Farm Dinner at the Riverbend in Lyons, CO. © Brett Wilhelm

Cured is your essential European-style mom-and-pop specialty market with a smorgasbord of cheese, charcuterie,wine, chocolate, bread and your top of the line Olive Oil which are all made into tasty lunches and snacks. In the new space, Cured West, they will taking their full range of product they offer at Cured and pare things back a bit so they can focus on the grab-and-go lunch market, with quick options for your way home as an easy evening meal. Essentially, they want to create something that still feels like the original Cured, but taken back to just the necessities.




Cedar & Hyde is your rare find modern day mercantile that offers a shopping experience complete with in-depth stories about the product, a face-to-face relation, and the possibility of being surprised by a local vendor hosting a unique pop-up shop in the market on any given day.The Cedar & Hyde Mercantile space at the new location is set to be their office where they plan to focus on their online retail that will be launching sometime by the end of the year. The idea behind 2019 10th St. space is that Cedar & Hyde are able to expand the market concept of the mercantile. The mercantile is supposed to be a place where you can come and get something for every aspect of your life, and by providing a space that offers food and flowers gives Cedar & Hyde the opportunity to provide just that!



9AA1A12E-E1EA-455D-9840-30AAAA536791And we would like to introduce the newest member of the community, Fawns Leap! Fawns Leap is the new flower
shop on the block that we know won’t disappoint. Providing fresh, gorgeous, ever-changing stems to choose from
along with an excellent selection of specimen plants, beautiful designed vases and planters, vessels for illumination, and home goods. Embracing a natural, elegant style, Fawns Leap botanical artistry seeks to connect us with our environment and each other. Fawns Leap is a reminder to Tara, the proud new owner, of wild places and the thrill of gathering up your courage and going for it! Congratulations Tara, we know your new endeavor will be a huge hit! Stay tuned for our full interview with Tara and Fawns Leap!



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