Callie + Nick’s Lovely Engagement Shoot

Oh my are we excited to have received Callie + Nick’s sweet fall engagement photos. Heather Gray Photography couldn’t have captured this lovely couple any better! Callie + Nick were referred to us by Molly + Nick, which is always such an honor when a past couple sends a newly engaged couple our way! We just love Callie + Nick and are beyond thrilled to be helping them plan their wedding this coming March at The Broadmoor hotel. Just three short month away! Stay tuned for these two love birds to tie the knot! xx, Calluna

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Trend Alert :: Flytographer

Serena in Venice for Flytographer 2Have you ever wished you could capture precious moments with your loved ones wherever you go? Flytographer allows just that! We are absolutely loving this amazing service and all that it has to offer. Many people book professional photographers for engagements and naturally, for their wedding day. However, many of us forget to capture those perfect moments on the honeymoon, vacation, or even for that special proposal!

Here’s the run down on how it works…select your destination, then choose from the available photographers in the area. The best part of Flytographer is that they offer over 300 local photographers worldwide including Europe, United States, Canada, Mexico, the Carribbean, Asia, as well as Central and South America. At Flytographer they “believe memories are the best souvenirs.”

Once you book your package, you’ll receive confirmation and you are set to go! Your professional photographer will capture all of the meaningful moments you may miss or not be able to create. And within five days, you will receive your high resolution images. Just like that! Footloose and fancy-free. | Above Photo: Serena in Venice for Flytographer |

Vanessa in Dublin for Flytographer| Vanessa in Dublin for Flytographer | Serena in Venice for Flytographer | Serena in Venice for Flytographer |Ronel in Cape Town for Flytographer| Ronel in Cape Town for Flytographer |Orsi in Lisbon for Flytographer| Orsi in Lisbon for Flytographer |Goncalo in Lisbon for Flytographer| Goncalo in Lisbon for Flytographer |Bayu & Vony In Bali for Flytographer| Bayu & Vony In Bali for Flytographer |Ana Lucia in Lisbon for Flytographer| Ana Lucia in Lisbon for Flytographer |

Goncalo in Paris for Flytographer

| Goncalo in Paris for Flytographer |

| Feature Photo: Peter in Chicago for Flytographer |

Molly + Nick’s Sweet Engagement Session


We are so in love with these lovebirds. It was an effortless pairing between Heather Gray and Molly + Nick to make these gorgeous engagement photos come to life in the beautiful backyard of our lovely state. We can see joy radiating off of them and we’re counting the days to see them tie the knot. Many, many congratulations to this wonderful couple!


HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-2 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-3 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-4 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-5HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-7 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-8HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-6  HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-9 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-10 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-11 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-12  HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-14 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-16 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-17 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-22 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-23 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-24 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-25 HeatherGrayPhotography.MollyandNick.Engagement.Preview-26

We’re thrilled to work with an excellent round of vendors for the wedding. Stay tuned for more detail! | Spruce Mountain Ranch | Plum Sage Flowers | Epicurean Catering | Event Rents | DJ Jahsonic | Pixels Poetic | Peak Beverage | Alchemy Mineral Blends | Bridal Goddess | Heather Gray Photography

Kate + Greg’s enchanted engagement shoot with Manzanita

Love. Pure and beautiful. This couple. These photos. There are almost no words. And then we realize this couple, this love, and these photos are beautiful reminders of why we love what we get to do each and every day. To work with couples in love. To have the fortune to work with a photographer this immensely talented. Kate and Greg, you inspire us. Rebecca, your images touch us. We cannot wait for your day this summer and for the months in between to be inspired more! Thank you. Photography by Manzanita

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