From BFF to Bridesmaids: Tips on How to “Propose” To Your Bridal Party

Everybody knows that the big day just wouldn’t be the same without your best girls by your side. Whether they’re helping plan your bachelorette party or getting you ready to walk down the aisle, your bridesmaids deserve an ample amount of love and appreciation. We have absolutely adored some of the ways we have seen Brides “propose” to their besties, so we have created a list of the sweetest, most creative ways to ask your BFF’s to be your future bridesmaids!

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The “Ask” Brunch: You can never go wrong with delicious food and your best friends! Treat your main gals to a special brunch where you ask them to be your bridesmaids followed by a mimosa toast! Not only will it be a morning to remember, but you guys will get to enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

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The Essentials Bag: Surprise your girls with the sweetest totes filled with all of the wedding essentials. Some bubbly to sip and bling for them to wear on the big day is the perfect gift. To make it even more personalized, a champagne flute engraved with your wedding logo will be even more memorable!



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The Sweet Tooth: We all know the way to a girls heart is through sugar! Host a sweet treat buffet and let your girls enjoy themselves while you ask them to stand with you on the big day. If you know some of your girlfriends favorite desserts, make sure to incorporate them to make your bestie feel extra special.



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Rest & Relaxation: A spa day is the perfect way to relax with your best friends. Whether you do mani+pedis or a full-blown day of ahhhmazing treatments, your main gals will appreciate the love they are being shown by you. Can’t all get together at the same time? Send your friends, “at home spa kits” where they can relax on their own time.

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Get Creative With Paper: Some beautiful stationery goes a long way! Get creative and do a fun crossword for your bridesmaids to fill out, or send them a sweet note in the mail explaining why you need them by yourself through the wedding process!



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We have adored seeing all of the creative ways that brides are asking their BFF’s to be Bridesmaids. Whether you are looking to do a luxurious spa day or just sending a simple sweet note, your best friends will appreciate the effort and care you’re putting in.  Calluna is happy to help with planning any special moment for the Bride! To contact us click here!

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2014 Trend #2: Unplugged weddings

Happy Tuesday and welcome back as we count down The Knot’s 10 Hot Wedding Trends for 2014. Securing the #2 slot is the concept of “unplugged weddings” – a trend that has gained popularity since the increasing codependence we all (admittedly) have with our phones, cameras, and social media. Unplugged weddings asks guests to tuck away their different devices, refraining from posting, tweeting, facebooking or sharing photos in “real time’ and to sit back and enjoy as the day unfolds.


Hosts of an unplugged wedding may vary in their motivation; a bride may not want a picture of her to go up on social media on her big day, a couple may be worried about a ring or a vibrate interrupting their vows. Whatever the reason, if a bride and groom opt for “unplugging’ it is best to be upfront, perhaps by making a note in the program or displaying a cute sign (like the Etsy one below) to make the request clear.


Some guests may initially squirm at the the thought of no hashtagging, filtering or posting, but unplugging could be the ideal solution to keep the ceremony intimate, engaging and free from distraction. Just make sure to your photographer is on board to share photographs shortly after your unplugged party!

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Photography credit (cermony): Cary Jobe Photography || Photography credit (bridal party): Recherche Photography

Stay tuned – we’ll be back next week for trend #3!

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