Rent, Wear and Return for the Little Ones!

We are absolutely in love with Borrow Mini Couture, it’s an on-line special occasion children’s clothing rental service – providing mothers and brides with the opportunity to dress their children in nice, quality clothing that they may not have otherwise thought to buy.  Borrow Mini Couture give mothers and brides a fun, convenient and affordable experience!

Currently, Borrow Mini Couture offers boys and girls clothing from over 30 designers for sizes 9M to 4Y – perfect for any little Flower girl or Ring-bearer.  Rentals run anywhere from $30 to $99 depending on designer and style.  Free shipping (both ways), dry cleaning and free insurance coverage (don’t worry about those oops moments at all – Borrow Mini Couture will take care of them) are included with every order.

Borrow Mini Couture has been so generous that they would like to offer all of our friends and family of Calluna Events 10% off any order.  Visit Borrow Mini Couture and use the promotion code CALLUNA10 and you will receive 10% off any order (offer expires December 2014)!  We told you we love Borrow Mini Couture!

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BorrowMiniSuitBorrowMiniCouture BorrowMiniTanBorrowMiniPink

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