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It’s a brand new year and a brand new #CoffeeWithCalluna! We love sharing some tips and tricks of the industry. Because we love to share the love, each week we’ll answer questions from YOU

1.I love the blush and neutral color palate, but am afraid that it’s been done a lot.  What’s a unique twist to the neutral palette that keeps it fresh and interesting?

We love this question! As much as we love the blush and neutral palate, (it’s oh-so-timeless), we are wanting to see some variety this year. One thing we are suggesting with our brides is to incorporate one or two pops of color into the neutrals. Perhaps a peach or coral, a green or blue. This year the Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, so along with greenery a pop of color into a blush palate is a way to add a unique touch. It could be in your bridesmaid dresses, in your linens, paper goods, or in the florals themselves. However you do it just make sure the color stays true to your personality and goes with your venue!

2. What are some gift ideas for your bridesmaids other than jewelry? 

We love gifting. Next to coffee and weddings, it’s our favorite! Jewelry is always a great idea but if you’re wanting to switch it up a little, we have a few alternative ideas.

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xx Calluna

Feature Photo by Kaylee Maresh

An Unforgettable Site Visit at Brush Creek Ranch

It’s been a dream of ours to work with Brush Creek Ranch in Southwest Wyoming on a wedding and we are fortunate that the time has come! We had the opportunity to visit the ranch last week in preparation for our May wedding and it was even more spectacular than we imagined! We are so grateful to Schelby and Corinne for their hospitality and invaluable time while we were there. And we loved meeting Emmylou, the resident Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, as well as all the other BCR dogs, who elevated the cuteness factor of our stay!

Set on 30,000 pristine private acres in the heart of the Platte River Valley in Southeastern Wyoming, The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch offers guests the opportunity to experience the grandeur and adventure of the American West in sophisticated style. A lauded destination for glorious weddings, high end corporate retreats, adventurous Wyoming ranch vacations for families, and romantic getaways, their luxury dude ranch provides an authentic taste of the best of the West.

The cabins and suites are so spectacularly styled and well appointed you feel liked you’ve stepped into a Ralph Lauren Home catalog. However there is a true authentic nod to the original homestead which was founded in 1884. This is pure western luxury at its finest mixed with the beauty and history of this part of the west.

There is a reason why Brush Creek Ranch was voted #2 among the best hotel & resorts in the World, #1 Resort in the USA and West by Conde Nast Traveler and #1 Spa in the West by Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards!

Please enjoy our IPhone photos until we can share images from our friend and uber talented wedding photographer Otto Schulze next month.




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