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All of us from Calluna Events are excited about the new Manzanita business extension. Manzanita SELFIES is a selfie service for wedding or events. We are in the age of the selfie! Don’t be embarrassed, we all know that taking pictures of ourselves is a common past time. So, why not give guests the ability to do just that at weddings or events? Manzanita now provides a service that could give the happy couple or host the most lively and honest snapshots of their guests, a sort of mobile photo booth that can easily act as a guest book. Manzanita will deliver high quality photos that are professionally edited and curated into an online gallery and photo book. What could be better?!


How does it work?

You order your package | it is mailed to you | you and your friends take great selfies | you mail it back | we curate and edit the best of your photos | you get a photo book and an online gallery to share with friends and family!


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Kate + Greg’s enchanted engagement shoot with Manzanita

Love. Pure and beautiful. This couple. These photos. There are almost no words. And then we realize this couple, this love, and these photos are beautiful reminders of why we love what we get to do each and every day. To work with couples in love. To have the fortune to work with a photographer this immensely talented. Kate and Greg, you inspire us. Rebecca, your images touch us. We cannot wait for your day this summer and for the months in between to be inspired more! Thank you. Photography by Manzanita

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Manzanita & Calluna Events partner for a Calligraphy Workshop!

Join Calluna Events and Rebecca Caridad for a Calligraphy Workshop on January 24, 2015 from 1-3PM! In this 2 hour workshop you will learn the basics of modern calligraphy. We will review letter structure, spacing, and how to connect letters to begin your journey of making calligraphy your own.


Class includes:

1 pen holder
2 nibs
1 bottle of ink
1 jar for ink
1 pencil

You will also receive paper and custom manzanita calligraphy handouts that will help you review and practice the information at home. There will be refreshments and snacks!

Class will be held at:

Calluna Events
1435 Yarmouth Avenue #101, Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 443-4617

Enjoy some refreshments and snacks after the class where students will be able to chat with me and ask any last minute questions and get to know the class better.

To sign up: Here is the link!

Please be sure you can make the class as once your spot is paid for there will be no refunds for cancellation or no show.



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