Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are just around the corner and we at Calluna Events want to make your holiday season as smooth and seamless as possible! Which is why we reached out our favorite organization company, Organization & Relocation. Sheryl and her team know that an organized home is key. We were so happy that they were willing to offer some hot tips on how to keep your home neat and tidy for the holidays! And if these tips simply aren’t enough, be sure to reach out to the Organization & Relocation team. We are confident they can get your home in order before the holidays are in full swing! xx, Calluna


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“Tis the season for guests, entertaining, shopping and decorating. Keeping your home peaceful and organized with the demands of of the holidays can seem like a daunting challenge. Yet clearing the clutter and a little bit of organizing can help lessen stress, free up time and create some welcome ease. Here are our holiday organizing tips to keep you sane this season:

Holidays are the time of year to celebrate life with family and friends. When we are organized there is more time to enjoy the season with those we love.

Happy Organizing!

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