A Silent Moment with Megan Newton Photography

Happy Friday!

We wanted to share this beautiful blog post by our friend and photographer Megan Newton of Megan Newton  Photography. Megan also made this beautiful video and says,

For those of you who are stuck inside today….in a cubicle, on a sales floor, behind a computer, in a windowless building…. I hope you can find a moment of peace and connection to the wilderness in this video post.This is a recent clip from a solitary winter hike outside Boulder, Colorado. With everything in me, I believe we all need the wilderness.”

This year has already gone by so fast and we always try to make sure we appreciate the beauty around us. So, take a moment for yourself today and try to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend! Below photos courtesy of Jolene’s Instagram…

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Thank you, Megan. We wish you all a wild, wonderful weekend!

xxo Calluna Events

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