3 Tips: How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

Everybody knows that Pinterest can be incredibly inspirational (and maybe even a little addicting). Whether you are browsing for fitness tips or an exciting new recipe, Pinterest has it all. However, as event planners we know that Pinterest is an especially useful tool for future brides, wedding planners and wedding lovers everywhere. We know that Pinterest can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially for new users, so we have compiled a list of five tips on how to maneuver Pinterest for wedding planning in an effective and fun way!

Enjoy! Xo, Calluna

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Photo Credit: Jessica Christie Photography (top) || Michele Hart Photography (bottom)

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Photo Credit: James // Schulze Photography (top) || James Christianson (bottom)

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Photo Credit: Jessica Christie Photography (top) || Tess Pace Photography (bottom)

Featured Image: James Christianson Photography

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