Engagement session – Mari Katherine + Tomas

I am inspired. Plain and simple. This is truly one of the best engagement shoots I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot. It helps that Mari Katherine + Tomas are stunning, but they also exude beauty, passion and love.

Sometimes we are hired by brides without actually meeting them in person until months into the planning, due to distance and their plan of a Colorado destination wedding. We work side-by-by with them on the most intimate details of their wedding without meeting, and yet feel an immense connection. Sometimes for reasons that are transparent and others that are deep seated and have that “meant-to’be” quality. Mari Katherine is that bride for me.

MK and Tomas – I am in awe and so excited to work with you both in the coming year on your wedding. Thank you for sharing a peek into your world. And thank you to Steve Stanton Photography for the beyond gorgeous wedding photos! Remarkable really!

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