Real Calluna Events Weddings: Vows We Love

No matter how extravagant the floral or delicious the food, a wedding would just be a lavish party without the integral exchange of vows. Wedding days for us mean a constant hustle and bustle of set up, vendors, coordination and any other last minute detail that comes to mind. Without fail, however, we stop dead in our tracks during that magical ceremony moment when our dear couples exchange the sacred words to their beloved.

We could go on for days how this makes us re-fall in love, brings tears to our eyes & sends chills up our spines but we want you, our dear readers, to share in that joy.

We’ve hand selected a few Calluna favorites – all unique to the couple, all equally romantic. Regardless what route seems right for you and your fiancé, you can’t go wrong in the manner you proclaim your love… because it is your love.

Jenn and Jason – Love Letter – Long Haul Films 

Yasmin and Chris – Traditional Vows – Forget Me Not Media (2:30 for the good stuff)

Heather and Robert – Personalized Vows – K Hodge Films

Erin & Marc – Religious Vows – Locker Partners (5:00 for the good stuff)

Cover Photo by James Christianson

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