10 reasons why it’s important to “click” with your wedding photographer!


Saturday, December 22

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by guest blogger Dana Romanoff of Dana Romanoff Photography.

“I had such a great connection with this bride (who was my freshman college roommate) and with the entire bridal party that they felt comfortable enough to launch a snowball war on their photographer! All for a good photo. . . !”

This is my seventh year photographing weddings. I’ve documented everything from intimate front porch ceremonies to five star galas, couples saying “I-Do” while jumping out of a plane,  skiing off the backside of a mountain and reciting vows by the ocean. It’s always an honor when a couple invites me into their lives to photograph their wedding.  I see my role as both a documentarian, capturing authentic and candid moments, and as an artist who creates beautiful and timeless art to hang on the wall. What I’ve learned as a wedding photographer is that the better a connection I have with the couple the better the photographs. For me, photography is all about connecting with people.  When we have a relationship that means I am invested in you, in your happiness and in getting you the best images.  And when you feel a connection to me, you trust me to be a part of your life and capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Here’s why it’s so important to “click” with your wedding photographer:

  • You are going to spend a lot of time with the photographer – sometimes more than you even spend with the groom! You should find a photographer whose company you enjoy and who you want to be around.
  • In order for your photos to look great you have to feel comfortable with the camera. That means you have to feel comfortable with the person behind the camera. An engagement session can help establish that relationship and allow you to be more relaxed. The best photos are when you forget there is a camera even there.
  • The photographer will be there capturing intimate moments: putting on your dress, the first look, alone with your new husband. Wouldn’t you prefer your photographer to feel like a friend with a camera rather than paparazzi!
  • By knowing you, the photographer can better predict your movements. Sounds creepy, right? But as a photographer we need to predict if you are going to kiss your groom, toast with your girlfriends or bust a move on the dance-floor.
  • Photographers have different personalities. Your photographer should be able to match the energy of your wedding. They need to engage you and bring out your personality during portraits but also know when to step back and observe.
  • Weddings can be stressful. The last thing you want is your photographer to be stressed and stressing you out! You want to know that the photographer has their job under control and is a calming presence.
  • Ladies, it’s not all about us. The photographer needs to also jive well with the guys and guests.
  • You want your photographer to know you and be able to read the situation. Does the groom look like he’s going to strangle someone if he takes one more picture? Would you both be happier with a cocktail during portraits? Does your grandma need a chair?
  • You need to connect on a professional level as well. The last thing you should be thinking about is “where is the photographer? did they  get the shot?” You want to know your photographer is on top of things
  • Your vision and style needs to match. Make sure there is an understanding about what you want your pictures to look like.  The photos are your memories and you legacy to pass down through the generations.

Thanks Dana for such great insight! And if you are in need of a great photographer Dana is offering complimentary engagement session to any bride who books her wedding with them before February 14, 2013!

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