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Friday, March 29

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Welcome to the 2024 wedding season! We’re thrilled to witness the magic of countless beautiful weddings unfolding. Amidst our extensive wedding planning, we’ve noticed some exciting new trends emerging for this year. While 2023 introduced exciting trends, 2024 promises to bring even more show-stopping moments! If you’re planning your 2024 wedding, are you considering any of these trends for your special day?

Champagne Towers – We adore witnessing the revival of timeless traditions! Is there anything quite as enchanting as the grandeur of pouring bubbly over a tower of coupes? It’s a spectacular moment that never fails to captivate. This extravagant gesture adds an unforgettable touch of elegance and flair to your festivities and a guaranteed photo op you will want to capture!

Photo # 1 by Vanessa Tierney | Photo #2 & #3 by The Brothers Marten

Vintage Cakes – Embracing the timeless allure of old-fashioned elegance! The intricate piping and grandeur from Lambeth style cakes are making a comeback; offering a timeless way to make a bold statement on your special day.

Disco Balls – Step up your wedding ambiance with striking installations featuring multiple disco balls! Gone are the days of a single spinning disco ball; now, it’s all about creating a vibrant atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. As couples prioritize a lively and memorable experience for their guests, these dynamic installations are becoming a popular choice to ensure that the wedding is not just a formal event but also an epic party!

Emphasizing the Guest Experience – Weddings bring together your nearest and dearest, offering a rare opportunity to ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience. Couples are prioritizing guest comfort and enjoyment like never before, going the extra mile to create memorable moments. From spacious tents for ample wiggle room to engaging activations such as live painters and cigar bars, every detail is meticulously planned to guarantee that guests have the time of their lives!

Photos by Alp & Isle

Day of Stylists – While your planning team is here to mitigate any mishaps, a day of stylist is there to make sure you and your girls are looking your absolute best. From pressing, steaming, hemming, and much more, they are there for you in all your getting ready needs.

Themed Welcome Parties – With many wedding guests traveling from out of town, the weekend festivities present the perfect opportunity for entertainment beyond the formal wedding day. Why not kick off the celebration with a lively themed party on Friday night? Western welcome parties and other themed events are gaining popularity for their fun and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a chance for your guests to dress up, unwind, and immerse themselves in the festivities before the big day!

Photos by James x Schulze

Wedding Content Creators – In today’s fast-paced world, wedding content creators offer the ideal solution for couples seeking instant results. They accompany you throughout your day, adeptly capturing the perfect Instagramable moments and are able to share content with you quicker than your photography team!

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses – While in trend the past few years, the trend of bridesmaids donning patterned and mismatched dresses is expected to skyrocket in popularity for 2024! This stylish choice not only adds visual interest and texture to your bridal party but also enhances individuality. Plus, opting for non-identical dresses increases the likelihood of your bridesmaids reusing their attire for future occasions—a win-win for both style and sustainability!

Photos by Cat Galletti 

Photos by Ashley Sawtelle

While we always see trends come and go, it’s important to ensure that your primary focus remains true on crafting your wedding exactly to your wants, thereby ensuring it reflects your unique vision and personality flawlessly!


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