5 Tips: How to Personalize Your Wedding


Friday, August 26

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Here at Calluna, we know that a gorgeous wedding is all in the details. You’ll be celebrating your special day surrounded by your family and loved ones, and a little personalization goes a long way! Adding personal touches will make your guests feel special and instantly welcomed. We have a compiled a list of five tips on easy ways to personalize your wedding day and make the celebration just a little bit more special!

Enjoy! Xo, Calluna

  • Signature Drinks: Your guests will love to choose from a menu of you and your new hubbys favorite drinks. We adore when couples incorporate some of their favorite food and drink elements into the celebration. Mari Katherine and Tomas let party-goers choose from a refreshing Paloma (her favorite) or a delicious Moscow Mule (his favorite) at their Greek-Spanish bash last summer and it was an absolute hit! See their fabulous celebration here! Katy & Zach let their guests dine on delicious doughnuts and even brought out little glasses of milk to go with the treats… it had the guests feeling like kids again! See pictures from their stunning Denver celebration here!


Photo Credit: Steve Stanton Photography (upper) || James Christianson Photography (lower)

  • Pay Tribute To Family members: It is always special when a couple acknowledges their loved ones and family members that can’t physically be with them on the wedding day. Displaying pictures of grandparents or even your parents on their wedding day from years ago will add a special personal touch to your celebration. See how Molly & Nick did it here!


Photo Credit: Heather Gray Photography 

  • Incorporate your culture: We love ceremonies that highlight the culture of the bride and the groom. Mari Katherine and Tomas’ Greek-Spanish bash was a ceremony that was packed full of nods to their heritage from olive branches and traditional Greek dancing to a Mexican fiesta themed rehearsal dinner. Your guests will appreciate you exposing them to some family history.


Photo Credit: Steve Stanton Photography

  • Don’t Forget About Your Pet: Incorporating pets into the ceremony is a great way to recognize your favorite furry friends on your special day. Not only will your guests think a pet in the ceremony is incredibly sweet, but the pictures will be absolutely adorable. See how Kat and Nick incorporated their pups into the wedding ceremony here!


Photo Credit: Dawn Sparks Photography

  • Highlight your Home: We simply love when a couple has their wedding in a spot that’s emotionally significant to them. Caroline & Clark’s nuptiuls at her family home, Sunrise Ranch, were incredibly special and simply stunning. See more pictures from their gorgeous celebration here! If home isn’t an option for your ceremony bring elements of home into the celebration for a unique twist. Want to highlight your Southern roots? Try having all your maids wear matching cowboy boots to bring in bits of home to your wedding party.

View More: http://jason-gina.pass.us/caroline-clarkcaroline_kyle-100372-620x413

Photo Credit: Jason & Gina Photography (upper) || Gino Siller Photography 

Featured Photo: Rachel Havel Photography

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