A little Calluna Events love from a mother of the bride!

Wednesday, July 1

Today we got this lovely letter from a Mother 0f the Bride. It’s emails like this that make our day! Thank you so much for your appreciation of what we do as wedding planners and for the warm wishes!

Heather! I am so glad that you are going to be our wedding coordinator and friend. I thought for a long time that I could do it all and I know you hear that all the time. But meeting you made all that go away. You just have such a sparkle and seem so together that I know it will be the best. I want you to always feel that you can say – “um, no guys that is a huge mistake, or go for it” – whatever the case might be – that is something that we will need when we start to get wacky. I know you are having a busy weekend but just wanted to say hi. And, thank you, for what you do!

Honored and humbled,

Calluna Events
Colorado Wedding Planner

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