Add Some Eco-friendly to Your Wedding Toss

Tuesday, March 9

The wedding toss is a sweet and timeless custom that has been commonly accepted among couples across the globe. Originating in ancient Rome, this tradition consists of tossing rice at the newlywed couple during their departure to signify fertility, abundance, and good luck. However, the leftover rice has been found to cause harm to birds as they attempt to ingest it. The wedding toss can be modernized to reflect the creativity and flair of the couple while simultaneously protecting our ecosystem. For the feminine touch, toss pure, biodegradable lavender buds that emit fragrance when crushed. For a lively, summer wedding, have guests fling water soluble and biodegradable ecofetti or party poppers that can be found in an array of vibrant colors. The more romantic types should consider using freeze-dried rose petals that still maintain the color, shape, and size of the petal. Another great alternative is to celebrate eco-friendly style by enclosing birdseed in decorated “feed” bags that can be given to each guest during the reception. Guests will feel like they have truly taken part in a “green” wedding when they are given individual birdseed bags to commemorate the wedding couple’s sendoff.

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