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Wednesday, January 28

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Wedding planning can be a tricky process and we want to be a resource for future couples, a place to make the process a bit easier. We already blogged about reasons to hire a wedding planner and the some key photography advice, so now it is time to dig deep into the florals! We’ve gathered up gold nuggets of advice from five of the best floral designers in Colorado. If you ask us, they hit the nail right on the head. Here are some things to do (and not to do) when hiring a florist for you wedding.


  • Know your budget. Be honest with what you are comfortable spending on wedding flowers and what your priorities are. If you know you want a gorgeous bouquet, but table designs are less of a priority, let us know. It is not a priority of ours to tell you what to spend on this part of your day, but it is our priority to make your flowers and decor beautiful within your ideal budget. We can always find ways of being creative with a budget. By having an open conversation about your expectations, we can make appropriate suggestions off the bat.
  • Do research color schemes and share that information with your potential florist. Coming to the design consultation with a good idea of what colors you are drawn to and what flowers you tend to like is hugely helpful. We don’t need you to have your entire color palette or flower choices picked out, but a good idea of things you like and trends you find appealing is great information to know. We want to be creative and find unique ways to re your tastes and colors at your wedding. Knowing your style will help you select a florist whose creative style suits you and who you trust as a professional creative.
  • Find a connection. Think about the personal connection you have with a particular vendor–if you really click with someone at a meeting it’s a great sign that you will enjoy working through the planning process with them! And you’ll likely be even happier with the finished product!
  • Think different and honor your own aesthetic. Flowers are very personal so be sure to pick blossoms that speak to you and make you feel joyful. Find what you love, share your favorites with your florist and then trust your choice.
  • Don’t schedule a meeting with the florist before your date and venue are picked out. Having a date is a priority when designing wedding flowers. The types of stems, colors of individual blooms and cost all vary greatly throughout the year. The venue has a huge impact on the overall look of your wedding and we want to make sure our designs fit the style of your wedding.
  • Don’t bring the entire family. Choose one to two of your closest family or friends. Any more and we will be designing by committee. Think about trying to plan a party with five different people and styles… It never works. We want to make sure that your voice is heard and of course we understand when you want to bring friends or family that you trust for input and direction.
  • Don’t over pin and post.  We know, we just told you to come prepared with a color scheme, but don’t over do it. Do some research, tell your florist all your aesthetic desires and then work together to create the perfect collaboration for your wedding day.
  • Don’t compare two flower quotes as apples to apples. They aren’t! Different creative artists offer different things. Keep that in mind as you read through the bids you’ve received and weigh what each designer offers you!
  • Don’t underestimate the power of flowers! They can turn a plain venue into a lush garden and add so much color and romance to your big day. Flowers are expensive so it can be easy to want to cut them from you budget, but the lasting effect of beautiful florals in your wedding photographs will be so worth it!

Photo by Richard Grainger Photography compliments of Lalé Floral

Brilliant words come from the creative ladies at Perfect Petal Denver, Bare Root Flora, Prema, Lale Floral and Plum Sage Flowers. Thank you, friends, for contributing!!

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