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Wednesday, July 22

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Happy third anniversary Scott & Jenny! These two have been busy with Scott just completing running the entire Appalachian Trail! We adore Scott & Jenny and everything about their truly magical wedding celebration! From the completely vegan menu to their special wedding music, friends of Jenny & Scott had a hand in every part of their wedding day. Their wedding was truly THEM in every way! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day, we were honored to have been there to share in the magic! Wedding photography from Luis Escobar and Cary Jobe Photography.

Please enjoy wedding details from the brides perspective:

Scott and I got engaged on February 29th, 2012 (leap year) and since I’m not a fan of long engagements, we planned to wed that summer.  It was a little ambitious considering Scott’s book was due to come out in June and we were going on a 3 week national book tour followed by two weeks in Kenya with The Nature Conservancy.  We would arrive back in Boulder 10 days before the big day!  We really could not have done it without Calluna Events and the help of our friends who energetically rallied to get everything done while we were on book tour.

We opted to have the wedding on a Thursday for several reasons.  Mainly because it’s my favorite day to have a party!  Also because we wanted to enjoy the time with our friends and family, so having the wedding first got the stressful stuff out of the way and left the rest of the weekend to celebrate!

My friend Caroline Treadway shot our “save the date” photo.  Alison Soens, my graphic designer friend from Ventura, CA when I was working for Patagonia designed our wedding invitations.  Our friends at Cascade Designs printed our wedding gifts, platypus water bottles to keep the guests hydrated all weekend!  One of Scott’s sponsors, Clif Bar, sent us baskets for the party gifts.  My friend from college, Bob Africa, at Kid Robot gave us our giant Dunny for a guest book.  My friends in Boulder collected rocks and painted all the guests’ nicknames for the tables.  My friend Kate Rutherford painted table cards of our favorite places.  Our friends Nick Rosen and Caroline Alden had their upright piano delivered for the wedding.  Caroline played my favorite song from Amelie as I walked down the aisle.  Scott’s long time running friend Roch Horton played the guitar.  My longtime friend Timmy O’Neill officiated the wedding ceremony.  Two of my designer friends at Patagonia, Kourtney Morgan and John Rapp did readings during the ceremony.  Our friend Brett Dennen played an acoustic version of his original song “She’s Mine” after the vows.  I met Brett in 2007 at an LCD Soundsystem show in Seattle through our mutual friend Ben Moon.  Rings were made by local designers Angie Starr and Todd Reed.  The dinner was catered by friend Julia of Julia’s Kitchen.  Kombucha was ordered by local company Julien’s Cliffhouse Kombucha.  Food is a huge part of how we express love and appreciation so we served our guests as our version of a “receiving line.”

For the reception, Scott’s longtime running friend Bryan Dayton of OAK at fourteenth bartended the event.  Guests could choose between a Jenny or Scott drink, or mix the two for a yummy cocktail.  Also our friends at Sombre mescal provided a case of mescal that really got the party going.  My friend Jason Kruk, a climber in Squamish who I met in Yosemite in 2008, DJ’d our wedding.  My friend Jesse Huey whom I’ve known from Seattle climbing did the lights.  Scott and a bunch of our friends made the wedding cakes:  11 raw vegan cheesecakes from the Cafe Gratitude, our all time favorite restaurant’s dessert cookbook.  Our friend Tommy Caldwell cut wood stumps for the cake displays.  The Cup made tiny vegan mexican chocolate cupcakes.  Our friends at Guayaki donated drinks.  Brett Dennen sang while Caroline accompanied him on the piano to our first dance song, a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Before the wedding, I had no idea what I was going to wear and or where I was going to get it.  Time was running out so I reached out to my friend who has impeccable taste, Maggie Gyllenhaal.  She offered to help me, thank goodness!  While Scott and I were in New York the first week of June, (less than 2 months before the wedding) she took me to Stone Fox Bride while her husband Peter took Scott shopping for a suit.  I met with Maggie’s dear friend and designer Ryan Roche who agreed to make my wedding dress!  They both helped me design something super simple, like a slip with no structure, zippers or corset.  It was made of peace silk with cashmere fringe and hot pink dye.  You can see it on Ryan’s website and it was also featured in New York Post Magazine.  Ryan collaborated with Stone Fox Bride to create my veil, a silk tulle tiered veil with succulents and airplants and silk feathers.

The morning of my wedding day, I went to Twig and the available hairdresser Haley did my hair exactly how I wanted it based on a photo from a magazine.  I had never gone there before, never met her, and she totally nailed it on the day of.  Phew!

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