Colorado Wedding Bands: Part I


Thursday, May 19

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A great band that can captivate your guests and draw them out onto the dance floor is worth every penny. Your wedding is a celebration of love, and there is no better way to celebrate then getting down on the dance floor with your family, friends and loved ones. Here in Colorado, we are beyond lucky to have some tremendously talented bands in the industry, and we are so thrilled to highlight them and their fabulous musicians. From favorite songs to advice on picking your wedding band, these industry professionals are absolutely worth checking out! Stayed tuned for Part II of our Colorado Bands series.

Enjoy! Calluna

What is the Genre You Most Enjoy Playing?

Tunisia Band: “Tunisia is passionate about so many genre’s of music, but we have a mutual agreement that we never go outside the comfort zone. If we can’t play it without it sounding amazing, we just don’t do it. That said, there would be no genre but high energy and musically complete songs are our favorite.”


Syndicate Band: “I would have to say as a whole 80’s & 90’s Rock and R&B/Hip Hop. However current Top 40 is also right up there.”


Mannequin the Band: “I’m sure all of Mannequin’s players would have their own opinions on this, so I can only speak for myself but I would say Motown/oldies. Even songs that sound from that era, like Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Michael Jackson. The best is mashing some oldies with the new stuff. It’s not only challenging as a musician, but it makes you realize how much influence oldies and disco have on todays hits!”


Photo Credit: Sarah Roshan Photography

What is Your Favorite First Dance Song?

Tunisia Band: “First dances are like a first kiss, a first glance or the first time you realized that you have met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Each one is, and should be,  special and unique to each couple. So for me or the band to say what is our favorite would be insincere. Our favorite is when we play the song and the couple has tears in their eyes and a smile from ear to ear. That is our favorite first dance.”

Syndicate Band: “We’ve been fortunate to perform at several weddings so picking just one is HARD!! I’d have to say my top 3 are “I Won’t Give Up”, “Sway”, and “Bless The Broken Road.”

Mannequin The Band: “We love Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”! It’s so epic with the horn line coming in at that perfect moment! The “movie moment” opportunities are endless with that song. We also love Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I Am”. It’s subtle and folky with clever lyrics and a good contrast to the big dance party thats about to take off.

What is your favorite part of the wedding?

Tunisia Band: “This one is easy. We have been so blessed to be matched with great clients but all of us feel the best part is when the night is over and we get to talk to the guest’s, the families and in particular the Bride and Groom and see and hear how  they are completely satisfied, overjoyed and know that their wedding was the best they have ever been a part of or a guest of. We are not talking about receiving gratitude for the band, we are talking about Tunisia being able to be a part of something that everyone in attendance will remember for the rest of their lives. It does make what we do complete and is the goal on every wedding we play.”


Syndicate Band: “My favorite times of the evening are the first 30 minutes after all the formalities (1st dance, Father & Daughter/Mother & Son dances). The guests seem to relax a bit and let loose. The last 45 minutes of the night seem to always be really fun.”


Mannequin The Band: “The reason we love playing weddings is because everyone is there to party! Everyone is in that room to celebrate the bride and groom. So that first note where all the guests are invited to the dance floor is my favorite moment. It makes me so happy for the bride and groom (and their families) as we’ve been working them for months…sometimes over a year…to makes sure the evening everything they want it to be and more.”


Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

What is your advice on choosing a Wedding band?

Tunisia Band: “ The band will make or break your wedding. No one will remember the meal, the drinks, the cake but they will all remember the band. Choose a band that is complete, the same players every time they play so the chemistry is there. The ability of a band to connect and make your evening is in large part one of chemistry. The other is, are they the right fit for you and your guests. Can they adapt to a range demographics or are they limited? Do they understand what you like, and do you understand what they can and can not do?  If you cover those issues, and I would personally do it with a band member not a representative, you want to know if you’re being sold on blue sky or if you have someone that will actually be playing the music and can honestly answer your questions…”

“Lastly and maybe one of the most important and most overlooked is the Planner. Great planners get the best show’s out of their bands. They have the best weddings from start to finish and for good reason. They know how to make your evening successful and memorable…”

Syndicate Band: “Choose the right band for your guest…if they have fun, you’ll have fun. It’s your night but don’t try to make a Top 40 variety band a country or rock group. Trust your judgement and let the band show off the reason you hired them.”

Mannequin The Band: “When choosing a band for your wedding, be sure to pay attention to the band’s chemistry and the way they handle all the little details (even in the booking and contract process). This is a good picture of what to expect on your wedding day. This shows how they communicate with other vendors, whether guests feel drawn to go to the dance floor, the whole band being a step ahead on whats needed for the evenings activities. The other thing to look for is a band who can distinguish the fine line between commanding the stage as an entertainer, yet directing the attention to most important people in the room: the happy couple and their loved ones. ”

(c)James Bitz

Featured Image: Kate Holstein

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