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Wednesday, June 17

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We love sitting down with our industry vendors and friends and learning more about their specific craft. Most recently, we sat down with two of Boulder’s top notch hair stylists – Theresa, aka The Bridal Goddess of Treehouse Hair Spa, and Emmy of Sage Studio Salon. We ate up every ounce of their advice, and know you will too.

We definitely recommend these sweet vendors on your big day. Their wealth of knowledge paired with their comforting personality would make any bride look amazing.

Thank you for contributing!! xx, Calluna

Tell us about a fun new trend you are seeing.

  • From Emmy: Cohesive styling: “Styling in a way that is unique to each bride. I feel like weddings used to be so separate in the details. Now they are a “feel” or are inspired by a “theme”. It’s not just copy and paste, every detail makes for a cohesive and stunning wedding custom fit to each couple.”
  • From Theresa: Intricate braids. “I love unique braids!  There are so variations of braids I never thought of, and it’s so refreshing to learn new hair styles incorporating these trendy looks.  I’ve been having so much fun with the big dutch braids, fish tail braids, and all different ways to bend and tie hair.”

Tell us about your favorite traditional bridal style.

  • From Theresa: A classic low bun: “I love when a bride is unique to herself, which in a way to me is “traditional bridal style” because most of the brides I work with want their personal style to shine.  Aside from that, there is the classic looks that can be done year after year which in my opinion is hair parted on the side smoothly to a bundle of hair at the nape of the neck…always gorgeous.”

What are your thoughts on hair trials?

  • From Emmy: Consultations yes, trials maybe. “For consultations, I love to have brides in my chair prepared with the big picture of the wedding… Their flowers, ring, dress, so I can get the overall vibe and visualize the day. I love to see their Pinterest boards, and see how there wheels have been turning. Chances are a lot of the looks will be similar, but in the event that they are not, my next question is … “Well, how do you want to feel walking down the aisle? And how do you want to be seen?” Bohemian? Elegant? Regal? Whimsical? At that point, the wedding style usually styles itself!
  • For trials, I am always on board but recommend not doing it at 100%. There are so many factors that go back to planning a wedding – weather, mood, last minute decisions. With a flexible trial, it takes the pressure off of having your hair being the exact same way the day of the wedding – you never know what mood your hair will want to be in or where it will want to go that day.”
  • From Theresea: Trials are a go! “Hair trials are important.  Not just to test out your hairstylist or see what a style will look like.  A trial can really help the day of the wedding go smoothly because the stylist will have a set plan of how to do the brides hair.”

What do you wish you could tell your bride to do leading up to the big day?

  • From Emmy: Set an intentional tone for the morning: “I encourage them to think about the vibe of the day – the getting ready experience is such a huge part of the wedding! The moment that veil goes on or a flower goes in, it becomes real. It’s HAPPENING! The whole energy in the room shifts and it’s so beautiful. How and where do you want that to be? What do you need to do for yourself to start the big day?”
  • From Theresa: Create a relationship with your stylist. “I love it when I meet a new client as a bride and I get to do her color, cut, deep conditioning etc. before the big day.  We really get to bond and get comfortable with one another.  It’s always fun working with brides, but when we’ve already built a friendship it’s even better!”

Cover photo provided by the lovely Bridal Goddess.

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