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Friday, June 28

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Here at Calluna we are always looking for ways to highlight and honor some of the amazing creative partners we get to work with. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with some seriously talented vendors in the industry, and we want to show them off to you in our new Calluna Community Series! We will sit down with some of the fabulous vendors of Colorado and get to know about them, their business and what life is like behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more!

This week for Calluna Community we caught up with Heather at Sugar Pine Catering! Sugar Pine Catering’s presentation of their food is always beautiful and they provide delicious food of the highest quality with impeccable industrialized service. “We source the freshest ingredients whenever possible that come from sustainable and organic Colorado farms. All of our menu offerings are proudly made from scratch.”

Cheers! Xo, Calluna

Describe what you do! 

I am ultimately responsible for ensuring every event goes off flawlessly. I love what I do so much that I don’t ever have to work a day in my life! It’s the people I get to work with every day. From our clients to our customers, each one of them brings something special to every event. I truly enjoy working in an industry and for a company that is so team driven. Everyone brings their own unique set of strengths and talents to the table and because of that, each event is brilliantly and creatively driven.

What is your idea of a dream project? 

I work on my dream project every day. Between the variety of venues I work with and the variations of the same venue used for completely different events, I love the uniqueness of my work—no event is ever the same. From working on a small, intimate wedding to a large fundraiser, every event takes the same amount of care and dedication to get that “wow” factor that I love to be a part of. If we’re talking specific projects, I do love weddings. I think it’s humbling and awesome to be such a huge part of someone’s most important day. It’s incredibly special!

What has been your favorite wedding that you have worked, or attended? 

It is hard to narrow down a favorite as they are all incredible and special in their own way. If I must pick one, I’d have to say a recent wedding at The St. Vrain Wedding and Event Venue. It never ceases to amaze how vendors in this industry merge together to create something amazing—especially this wedding! Yes, the venue, coordination, décor, food and service were great, but it was something else that made this wedding stand out. In reflection, it was simple—love in its rawest form. It’s difficult to articulate, but what we witnessed that day was an abundance of tears [of joy], laughter, gratitude and true, unfiltered bliss. You knew, without question, what you were witnessing was a couple who were each other’s favorite. Their favorite pair of eyes to look into. Their favorite name to see appear on their phones. Their favorite way to spend an afternoon. Their favorite everything!

What does your morning routine look like? 

I wake up anywhere from 6:00 to 6:30 a.m. I turn on 9news and have a cup or two of coffee along with some yogurt and granola or oatmeal and berries. After that, I will either go on a run or workout at the Bar Method in Boulder. Then the fun begins with the possibility of surprise. No matter the work you do, I believe there should be the possibility of surprise. If that’s not happening, I recommend looking for another job or career. Or at least ask yourself, “Am I open and ready to be surprised by new challenges and opportunities?” Each day, I want to say, “Wow…I didn’t see coming!” Safety, boredom and complacency are my enemies.

What are some of your favorite trends that you are seeing? 

It’s important for a caterer to not only know how to cook delicious food but also how to present it. That said, I’ve always believed you eat with your eyes. With social sharing, the camera now eats first. I want our clients and their guests to be amazed, taking pictures of every detail at their event. From the food to the décor and service, it should all be perfect—picture perfect!

With countless food trends out there, we stay true to our mission and vision by providing local and sustainable food coupled with impeccable, individualized service. The food shouldn’t just be a meal but, instead, should be an experience.

Also, we are particularly pleased to see people are more aware than ever of their impact on the earth, especially when it comes to their eating habits. In a recent article published by the James Beard Foundation, 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. gets thrown away in a nation where one in six people go hungry. In that light, it has become imperative in the catering industry to truly understand this statistic in order to reduce excess food and human-made waste. We take great pride in properly estimating how much food is required to completely satisfy the total guest list without too much surplus. When there are leftovers, we encourage our clients to box up the food and take it home.

What advice would you give to a younger you?

Life goes by quickly. Most everything you worry about never happens. Dream more, worry less, and enjoy every day as if it were your last. Most importantly, remember you’re never too busy for fun!

What makes you excited to go to work in the morning? 

The challenge—wondering how I’m going to pull something off. The best work I’ve ever done; I’ve never tried to do before. When a client asks me if I can do something, saying yes is the easy part. However, saying yes to something I’m not sure I’m talented or creative enough to do? Well, that’s something completely different. I’ve accepted those challenges I had no idea I could accomplish, and that’s something I wake up hoping to be challenged with every day.

What is your favorite cocktail, or what are you drinking tonight? 

Call me old fashioned, but it has to be a Classic Old Fashioned!


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Here are a few pictures from Christin + Bob’s wedding at Milston Well Farm of Sugar Pine Catering’s delicious passed appetizers!



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