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Tuesday, November 22

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We absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving and not only because of all the fantastic food, wine and quality family time. Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on what we are grateful for, honoring old traditions and creating new ones! We gathered the #callunacrew to ask everyone about their own Thanksgiving traditions, and we are so very happy to share them all with you! We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you!

Enjoy! Xo, Calluna

Heather Dwight (Owner, Principal Curator & Stylist)


Heather’s Thanksgiving Traditions :: “Every year on Thanksgiving we make Christmas tree ornaments with our kids Maggie & Grey. We have been doing it every year since Maggie was two, so we have collected some fun homemade  ornaments for our family Christmas tree over the years… In addition to the normal Thanksgiving goodness (turkey, stuffing, etc) my Mom always made a simple Waldorf Salad, made with fresh apples, red grapes and walnuts, dressed in a plain yogurt. It’s a tradition that carries on in our family.”

Photo Credit: Chowen Photography

Kristen Kennedy (Assistant Event Planner) 


Kristen’s Thanksgiving Traditions :: “I am originally from San Francisco so flying home to California is always a big part of my Thanksgiving holiday. Though I love Colorado, it is always a treat to escape the cold for a week and enjoy the crisp Fall weather in the Bay Area. The day always starts off with my mom making a spiced pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting (YUM) and usually a walk down to the water. I am also a big baker, so on Thanksgiving day the desserts are my job. I usually make a raspberry vanilla bean cheesecake, a berry crisp with fresh whipped cream and something chocolate of course! After a post Thanksgiving dinner nap my family and I always make a fire and start listening to holiday music and play games!”

Photo Credit: Bridget Burnett Photography

Michelle Galuska (Lead Curator & Stylist)


Michelle’s Thanksgiving Traditions :: “My family is spread throughout the country and thanksgiving is the time we all get to come home.  We stay in our pajamas most of the day and play card games while my mom is cooking.  My mom makes a very traditional thanksgiving feast with all the fixings and all made from scratch.  We also always have the Macy’s Day Parade on the TV.  Right before dinner we all dress up and sit around the dining room table.  We do a toast of what we are thankful for and then dig in.  That night we will typically watch our first holiday movie of the year. ”

Photo Credit: Ashley Sawtelle Photography

Kaylee Maresh (Lead Curator & Stylist)


Kaylee’s Thanksgiving Traditions :: “For Thanksgiving in my home all we really need is good wine, lots of tasty food and to be surrounded by family in friends. I’m not a big black Friday shopper so I am hoping to start the tradition of a morning after brunch!”

Photo Credit: The Collaboration Blog 

Gabrielle Sarbaugh (Lead Curator & Stylist) 


Gabby’s Thanksgiving Traditions :: “My family’s Thanksgiving traditions are simply about being together with a delicious meal. Over the years it’s mostly been our nuclear family with appearances by grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and significant others. Generally we stay in and prepare the traditional Turkey meal, often experimenting with new recipes and flavors; but sometimes we go out and let the professionals do the cooking. Regardless of the plan, it’s one of my favorite days of the year!”

Photo Credit: Ashley Sawtelle Photography

Melanie Roberts (Associate Planner) 


Melanie’s Thanksgiving Traditions: “Coming from a big family, our Thanksgiving table is loud, full, and a continus game musical chairs. Every year we gather around family recipes, crescent rolls, more than our fair share of red wine and a huge dollop of gratitude. New for this year, I’m so inspired by Artifact Uprising’s thoughtful tip in bringing grace to the table. The idea is simple: gather the photos that mean something to you & your loved ones. Print them so they arrive before you gather around the table. Over the meal, take turns sharing the meaning behind each photograph. I’m so excited to try something new and hope it’ll be a tradition for the books!”

Featured Image: Alison Dulaney-Engstrom via Rose & Ivy

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