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Thursday, March 10

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About the Workshop

In this day and age social media is proving to be a staple in our lives, and not just social media as a whole but Instagram specifically. Which is why we feel it’s important to know how to navigate your business’ Instagram handle to the best of your ability! In this single-session course, we will provide you an opportunity to hear from some of the best in the business on how to boost your Instagram account and, in turn, give your business the boost it deserves! During this workshop you will hear from Sani Field from SunnySide Social Media, Emily Sacco from Emily Sacco Photography, and Heather Dwight from Calluna Events! While you learn, you’ll enjoy some goodies and treats brought to you by Calluna Events!

Be sure to join us on March 31st at 1435 Yarmouth Avenue Suite #101 Boulder, Colorado 80304. Tickets are on sale now at an early bird price up $42! Seats are limited so be sure to purchase your tickets here!

What will I learn at the workshop?

During this workshop, SunnySide Social Media will show you how to connect with your community through Instagram best practices. Sani will demonstrate proven strategies for growing a larger following of authentic and engaged users. By the end of this workshop, you will have a firm understanding of how to expand your reach on Instagram through the following techniques:

  • Effectively taking and sharing your images and videos, including the use of complimentary tools for content optimization
  • Using a combination of industry-relevant and trending hashtags for maximum exposure
  • Engaging other users through tagging, mentions, comments, and likes
  • Following other people in your niche market
  • Collaborating with other influencers in your niche

SunnySide Social Media will also provide you with actionable advice that you will be able to use to increase awareness and loyalty for your brand.


Emily Sacco will be focused on the photography side, complementing SunnySide Social Media’s helpful tips! Including but not limited to:

  • Improving your photos and the Importance of good photography. (Rule of thirds, Negative space is important, Using a foam board, Using patterns, The importance of light, Taking chances and trusting yourself).
  • My favorite editing app Vsco Cam. (Brief overview).
  • Time Savors (Using Dropbox on your computer to have a folder of images to pull from on your phone, Latergramme App, Setting a schedule and sticking to it).
  • And more!


Heather Dwight with Calluna Events will share her personal story on how she and her team were able to grow their instagram following organically by almost 6,000 followers in a year. She will discuss:

  • The importance of consistent posting and how it can grow your brand.
  • Engaging and interacting with the people in your industry.
  • The importance of sharing the love – shoutouts, likes and comments.
  • How to stay true to your brand.


About SunnySide Social Media

Sani Field began her career in social media marketing in 2009 and founded SunnySide Social Media in 2011. Her work in this industry began as the Social Media Director for a Boulder-based artist. This experience allowed her the opportunity to recognize that the connections built through digital media are her driving force, and she thrives on the satisfaction of helping a business build a bond with its target audience.

After achieving great success through her work in social media and garnering recognition from Good Morning America on her client’s blog as a ghost writer, Sani felt more motivated than ever to create a firm that would meet every marketing need of its business clients, regardless of size or niche. To that end, she founded SunnySide Social Media, a very personal boutique firm that consults, develops, and executes online marketing and social media strategies for locally and nationally-based businesses.

SunnySide prides itself in working seamlessly with its clients’ teams to become a valuable asset and champion for their growing brand. Sani’s firm blends traditional and social marketing, offering the following services: reputation/reviews management, blog direction and management, and overall social media strategy and execution; each of their clients is provided with a tailored plan that meets their unique and evolving needs.

SunnySide’s mission is two-fold: to ensure that its clients feel as though the strategists are not merely third parties, but part of their growing team; and, to leverage each client’s brand, by providing unique and tailored strategies that build the company’s online presence. Our ultimate goal for each client is to make their target market feel as though they know them, trust them, and like them, all of which translate into brand growth.


About Emily Sacco Photography 

Emily is a fine art wedding photographer living in Boulder, Colorado. Originally from rural Virginia, her journey west was inspired by her love for the great outdoors and the muted color palette of the mountain landscape. Emily finds inspiration in the natural elements that surround her subjects. Sunlight, wind and water are some of her favorite things. When her camera has been put away, you can find Emily cooking something delicious, spending time with her husband or enjoying nature.

Emily has photographed throughout the United States and around the world. Her work has been featured both nationally and internationally in publications such as, Style Me Pretty & Style Me Pretty Living, Hochzeitsguide, Trendy Bride, The Huffington Post, Magnolia Rouge and Smitten Magazine to name a few. Her classic, relaxed aesthetic lends itself to authentic and timeless images that are truly one-of-a-kind.


About Calluna Events

Calluna Events brings a fresh, stylish and inspired approach to full-service wedding and event planning by curating a deep sense of authenticity with each occasion. We are Boulder-based wedding planners who create events in Colorado, across the West, and anywhere our clients’ imaginations and events take us. We specialize in designing for today’s modern wedding, and any occasion worth celebrating, with a high level of personalization, meaningful styling, and on-trend detail.

Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2004, Calluna Events has architected and coordinated over 500 events including weddings of all styles across the Front Range, in mountain towns of Colorado, in urban settings such as New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and international locations like Ireland, Costa Rica and Mexico. We have also planned dinners in destination cities, small intimate parties with VIP guests, large corporate events and exquisite galas with a sophisticated sense of style and creativity. Our hallmark on each event we create is that it is authentic, distinguished and memorable.

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