Christine + Patrick gorgeous St. Julien wedding

Thursday, December 18

Brides with a deep sense of authentic style are our cup of tea. Christine came to us with a very clear vision of what she wanted and we were instantly in love after the first email. It was clear she wanted to produce an amazing party with unpredictable rocking music (hello Talking Heads cover band, This Must Be the Band), gorgeous florals, and wow-worthly lighting and decor. We immediately signed up and helped Christine bring this vision to life, knowing that we would enjoy the entire process with her.
For the details of the wedding day, we focused on GOLD accents including gold painted eucalyptus hanging from the chandeliers, gold linen, gold chargers, and gorgeous golden glowing free-standing chandeliers. Christine and Patrick had so many lovely personal touches such as a vintage typewriter for love notes / guest book and custom made postcards with their favorite Instagram photos and music quotes. There were so many special details of this wedding and paired with picture perfect end of the summer weather and a fun-loving group of friends and family, this wedding goes down as a true success!
Schelhammer-Callaghan_037   Schelhammer-Callaghan_158 Schelhammer-Callaghan_180 Schelhammer-Callaghan_225 Schelhammer-Callaghan_235 Schelhammer-Callaghan_270  Schelhammer-Callaghan_409 Schelhammer-Callaghan_425 Schelhammer-Callaghan_447 Schelhammer-Callaghan_481  Schelhammer-Callaghan_540 Schelhammer-Callaghan_573 Schelhammer-Callaghan_602  Schelhammer-Callaghan_612 Schelhammer-Callaghan_619 Schelhammer-Callaghan_621 Schelhammer-Callaghan_622 Schelhammer-Callaghan_628 Schelhammer-Callaghan_672  Schelhammer-Callaghan_822
Thank you to the ever so talented Cynthia Kane for these unbelievable photos.

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