Coffee with Calluna :: Hiring A Wedding Planner & The “Plus One” Question

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Wednesday, March 29

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We are back with #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks. Each week we’ll answer questions we receive from our readers. Send your questions about weddings, planning, style, or anything really and we’ll answer them!

I am on the fence about hiring a planner…what are some reasons why hiring a wedding planner is a must? 

  • It’s important to have someone who isn’t in your “emotional inner circle” advocating for you and your vision throughout the entire planning process. A wedding planner will offer constructive ideas and be a sound voice while navigating the twists and turns the wedding planning process will take.
  • Weddings are very emotional for brides, their grooms, and their families. As they should be. It’s a very exciting time and the emotions are what make weddings such a memorable occasion. But for everyone behind the scenes – florists, bakers, the band – it’s still a business. And every bride needs someone who will keep tabs on the business side of the event to protect her investment and to make sure each contract she has sign is delivered in full.
  •  A good planner will connect her bride to vendors who not only fit her budget but who will deliver their promises on time, on budget, and with a sincere desire to create the most amazing wedding for the bride and her groom. Many vendors (photographers, bands, DJs) and venues have a time limit on their services. During the planning process and development your wedding planner gets everyone’s buy in on the timing and activities of day, and then is there on the day of to make sure everyone is executing the plan. Worrying about overages should be the last thing from a couple’s mind as they are celebrate throughout the night.

How do I decide which of my guests can bring a plus one?

  • This question doesn’t have a definitive answer and it truly depends on what you decide as a couple. In the perfect world we would have unlimited budgets and be able to invite everyone to our wedding but sometimes it just doesn’t work like that! Our short answer would be that if you are inviting a married guest, their spouse is expected to be invited. If you’re inviting a guest who has been with his or her partner for awhile it would be most courteous to invite the pair, and you want them to feel that you take their relationship seriously. Your BFF’s boyfriend of two weeks? Hopefully she would understand if he didn’t make the cut and typically wouldn’t make the invite list. However, depending on budget and your needs as a couple, the plus one question is completely up to you!

Xo, Calluna

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