RSVP Etiquette: The Do’s & The Dont’s


Monday, March 27

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DON’T Ask to bring guests :: Weddings invitations should be very specifically addressed and if it is addressed to just you, don’t assume that you can bring a guest along. Additionally, if it addressed to you and your partner, don’t assume that your kiddos are getting the invite as well. Some couples choose to have kid free weddings and you have to make sure to respect the couples wishes.

DO RSVP in a timely fashion :: Most invitations will have a date to RSVP by and it is there for a reason! We know life gets in the way sometimes but RSVP as soon as you can out of convenience for the hosts. For weddings, it is often the case that the venue and caterer need final head counts a couple weeks before the wedding. By RSVPing on time you are making it easier on the Bride & Groom along with all of their wedding vendors!

DON’T Forget to write you name :: We know it seems self explanatory to fill in your name on the RSVP card but we have seen it several times over the years where guests check the necessary boxes but forget to write in their names!  It leaves the hosts with the daunting task of finding out who the mystery guest is. Do a double check of your RSVP card and make sure you include each guest who is attending.

DO Keep in Touch :: Let the hosts know immediately if your plans change. While it is never ideal to cancel, life happens and sometimes unavoidable situations occur. Let the hosts know immediately so they can give their vendors a proper heads up and make any necessary changes.

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