Coffee with Calluna: Keeping Guests Comfortable & Wedding Workouts

Coffee With Calluna

Thursday, August 24

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It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks. Each week we’ll answer questions we receive from our readers. Send your questions about weddings, planning, style, or anything really and we’ll answer them!

XO, Calluna

  • My wedding is coming up but the temperatures have been so hot! I don’t want my guests to be uncomfortable, what are some ways to keep them cool at an outdoor summer wedding?

We love this question! Here in Colorado the weather is always incredibly unpredictable. It can be in the high nineties one minute and down pouring the next, so weather and weddings are a common topic of discussion in our office! Our first tip would be to try and not stress too much. When it comes down to it, the weather is out of your hands, and while its great to be prepared, it also important to roll with the punches. As planners, we always have a plan B to make your day run as smoothly as possible. For extreme heat we have a few suggestions to keep your guests cool…

  1. If the ceremony is outdoors and your guests are sitting in the sun for a period of time, set up a refreshing water station, or have a cool and tasty drink be passed before guests are seated.
  2. Provide cute fans or umbrellas, to let your guests cool themselves off while they’re out in the sun.
  3. We love the idea of passing out popsicles to your guests, not only will they feel like kids again but it will keep them cool in the hot sun! We have a few local companies we love like Aiko Pops & Petey Bird!
  • I am a bride to be who is super busy at work! I don’t have a ton of time to workout but want to look great for my wedding, any suggestions on easy programs or apps that will allow me to squeeze a workout in?

We know just how difficult it can be to find time for a workout, so here is our list of our favorite quick and easy workout plans and apps for the busy bride!

  1. Sworkit
  2. Blogilates 
  3. Qinetic 
  4. The Knot 6 Month Wedding Fitness Plan
  5. Shapes Wedding Dress Workout Plan
  6. SMP Shedding for the Wedding

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