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Friday, August 18

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Spice Jones (Lead Planner), a native of Atlanta, Georgia, joined the Calluna Events team in 2006 for the opportunity to combine a background in film producing with her love for creating beautiful celebrations. Spending 14 years collaborating with the country’s top art directors and wardrobe designers gave Spice the “everything is possible!” excitement that Calluna Events brings to each and every event. Through the little details, her passion is finding fresh and exciting ways to match time honored traditions with today’s modern styles. Along with her experience, Spice brings the confident professionalism and fun personality that have become the trademarks of Calluna Events.

XX, Calluna

My favorite place to travel is…

Morocco! The textures and textiles are amazing, and the people are beautiful. Not to mention that Fez (a world heritage site) is beyond words. After Morocco comes hiking in Patagonia…and the vineyards in Mendoza…and the coffee in Costa Rica. Such an unfair question!

My dream vacation would be…

Considering I just received a wedding invitation to the most incredible city in the world, Barcelona, I am thrilled to announce that I am actually planning my dream vacation at this very moment! My husband, Chris and I are planning a week in Monaco (visiting Grace Kelly’s favorite spots) and then traveling to Barcelona to celebrate dear friends as they marry in one of the most romantic cities in the world. I can’t wait to see my sweetie in the old tux!

My favorite movie is…

This is a tricky question. As a recovering film producer/current wife of a filmmaker, many of the films released over the past 15 years have connections to friends…and love. So forgive me as I reserve my right to an ever-changing list of top ten (twenty?) favorites. “The Blind Side” (shot by my husband), “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Shawshank Redemption”, “Dust to Glory” (the most EPIC adventure movie of all time), “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (Harrison Ford in the 80s? Seriously Ladies.), “Love Me if You Dare” (Juex d’enfants) – beautiful, French, twisted, Marion Cotillard -need I say more? “Sixteen Candles”, “Pitch Perfect”, “Something to Talk About”…this answer really has no end.

My perfect day would be…

Reading a trashy novel on my favorite secluded beach, Cape San Blas. Which I have promised to never name on social media.

My secret talent is…

I am actually a pretty accomplished chef. Each week I force myself to find a new recipe featuring a new ingredient and then we invite friends over to judge the end results. So far everyone has survived.

Photo by: Ashley Sawtelle

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