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Coffee with Calluna | Registry Ideas and Bridesmaids Gifts

Wednesday, July 19

It’s another week of #CoffeeWithCalluna and we’re so excited to share a few more tips and tricks. Each week we’ll answer questions we receive from our readers. Send your questions about weddings, planning, style, or anything really and we’ll answer them!

Xo, Calluna

  • My future hubby and I are big wine drinkers, do you know of any registries that include wine or spirits?

We love this question because we love us some good vino too!

  • Thirsty Nest
    • This brand new company is the first exclusive wine and spirit registry and is perfect for the modern entertaining couple! Whether you are looking for wine, bar tools or even new drinkware, Thirsty Nest has it all!
  • Zola
    • Zola is a fabulous registration company that offers everything from travel experiences to your traditional household items. Check out this site for monthly wine clubs, drinkware and bar tools! To hear more about Zola click here!
  • Any ideas for some cute and unique bridemaids gifts? I want to give my girls something sweet without breaking the bank!

We love that you want to treat your girls to something special! Here are a few fun ideas for some sweet bridesmaid gifts!

 Featured Image: Sara Hasstedt Photography 

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