Daphna + Steven’s summery Beaver Creek Wedding

Saturday, November 29

When Daphna and Steven reached out about helping with their Beaver Creek wedding we were thrilled! Not only because they are one of the sweetest couples, but also because they had a vision for their day which included some of our favorite vendors such as Dana Romanoff Photography, Cori Cook Floral Design, Batter Cupcakes and SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek.

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Calluna’s own Spice Jones gives us her thoughts on working with Daphna and Steven.

Daphna and Steven both have beautiful families… I seriously loved them. Everyone came in from out of town…they were originally planning a hotel wedding in Tampa for 300 people but canceled the contracts and opted to bring 100 family and friends to Colorado. Steven’s parents actually travelled to Beaver Creek for their own honeymoon exactly 30 years ago. 

Steven and Daphna were both so calm and easy going throughout the entire process. Even when Mother Nature went wild and gave us rain storms followed by gusts of wind reaching 80mph (no joke) these two just smiled and enjoyed and allowed the day to take on a new personality…Instead of  “the calm before the storm”,  I called Daphna my “the calm during the storm” bride. As a result their photos are some of the most amazing I’ve seen.

Steven runs an event and lighting company so the party atmosphere was key…and he delivered. They weren’t sure how their friends and family would respond to bluegrass but White Water Ramble delivered a party that could not be resisted…the chairs were empty and the hardwood floors of the old cabin literally started bouncing.

I just can’t say enough about how beautiful their friends were. Looking at the photos you’d never know the Chuppah actually blew over 20 min before the ceremony but because of Steven’s nearest and dearest (and I have to add extremely handsome) buddies jumped in to hold the beautiful structure upright, the ceremony looked even more beautiful than planned. Cori Cook also deserves a year’s worth of chocolate for jumping in to help save the day.

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Wedding ceremony ::  Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

Wedding Reception :: SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek

Photography ::  Dana Romanoff  

Florist :: Cori Cook    

Cupcakes :: Batter Cupcakes     

Band  :: White Water Ramble

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