DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea {Part 1}

Friday, November 16

This time next week we’ll be decorating our Thanksgiving tables, ready to enjoy dinner with family and friends. I’m always looking for something a little different to use as a centerpiece and anything I can find around the house is even better! 

Lasercuts are all the trend for events next year, everything from invitations, to candles,  so we thought we’d try to replicate a fantastic one we saw from Thanks to Calluna Events Assistant Natalie Brown for helping with this little craft project. Enjoy!

Our take on a lasercut candle for your Thanksgiving table. Cluster 3-5 of these around the center of your table to create a lovely simple centerpiece.

Start with a plain glass cylinder:

Find a cut out or stencil:

We used craft wrapping paper I already had in the house to cut the stencil onto:

Add a candle or LED, cluster with a few of these in different shapes and sizes and you have a nice DIY centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!

Our muse:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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