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Monday, October 22

         The décor and furniture of an event can cast an awe-inspiring feel and can transform the mundane ordinary event into an amazing unforgettable one.  There are companies popping up all over the nation who have specific inventories of unique and one of a kind décor elements.  Eclectic Hive is a new décor company based in Denver that we have fallen in love with! This boutique and design rental house provides planners, brides, and other organizations with a plethora of vintage items to help your event blossom with uniqueness and personality.  This customary and inexpensive service is such an easy way for couples to personalize their wedding without too much hassle. With items from eclectic rugs, vintage furniture, and a spectrum from interesting lighting fixtures to fireplaces, Eclectic Hive can produce an atmosphere and setting that is ensured to be memorable for you and your guests.





A huge trend for the upcoming 2013 wedding season is a 1920’s vintage inspired theme.  Companies such as Eclectic Hive are the perfect way to help capture the true essence of past generations as well as helping to modernize any setting with their inimitable inventory.  Eclectic Hive helps to produce fresh and creative design and décor ideas for those couples searching for a nontraditional way to do this in their wedding or event.  We can’t wait to work with Eclectic Hive in the future and see how clients utilize their amazing inventory and creative mind to produce spectacular and matchless events.


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