Eco-friendly weddings with Calluna Events

Tuesday, January 27

Because Calluna Events is located in Boulder, CO, we have had quite a few brides over the years that have wanted to do “Green” or Eco-friendly weddings. Now more than ever brides are trying to be environmentally aware as they plan their big day! Some of the things we have helped with are:

  • environmentally friendly invitations (recycled papers, biodegradable, soy based inks etc.
  • Developing website to cut down on the inserts needed in invitations (maps, directions, hotels, info)
  • bio degradable products for rehearsal dinners (plates, napkins, cups, utensils) – think outdoor BBQ style
  • purchasing Carbon credits to offset the entire wedding or the guests’ travel to the wedding
  • donating to a charitable organization in lieu of favors. Many environmental organizations top this list as well as the Heifer Project is popular.
  • Using local and/or organic flowers (the bride has to be very flexible with colors and types of flowers because the growing season locally will determine what’s available)
  • purchasing local produce and meats/cheese. Working with local farms or ranches to buy local where possible.
  • Providing all organic foods
  • Organic or bio dynamic wines.
  • Cutting down on printed products such as programs, menus etc.
  • Recycling or buying a used wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses in order to lessen the impact on the environment.
  • Providing shuttles for the guests so that they aren’t all driving to and from the wedding venue.
  • Providing recycling and composting at weddings (some of the caterers I work with do this)
    donating left over food and flowers to the local nursing homes or shelters.

There are other areas but this is just a collection of things that we’ve done.

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